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Sep 01, 2018by Julie - F&F

Calling all F&F foodies, we have another delicious surprise for you with the arrival of The Smoothie Bombs! This Australian company is changing the breakfast game with their tasty, convenient and nutritious smoothie bombs that you and your body will love.

We all know the importance of a regular healthy breakfast routine, however it’s not always possible when juggling work, family, kids etc. For those after a speedy getaway, a smoothie is without a doubt the easiest to consume on the run which is why we’re all celebrating our newest arrival. And if you’re in need of a pick-me-up throughout the day, do as we are over here at F&F, and eat them straight from the packet as they are just delicious as they are (Annie is an expert on this one)!

To find out more about the brand, we spoke with nutritionist Cinzia Cozzolino, the founder of The Smoothie Bombs, to learn more about her inspiring story and her top tips to help reduce the stress and struggle that we often face when serving up healthy food for ourselves and/or our family. Be sure to scroll to the end for one of Cinzia’s incredibly delicious smoothie bomb recipes that we just can’t wait to try!

What was the initial inspiration for the creation of The Smoothie Bombs and what was the first booster that you launched?

I actually created Smoothie Bombs to solve a fussy eater problem in my family! My youngest daughter was skipping breakfast and as a nutritionist and concerned mum I had to find a way to get good food into her.

I knew she would drink a smoothie full of healthy ingredients if I hid them in it, but mornings at our household were busy and I didn’t have time to measure out all the different things. To save time, I combined the nuts, seeds, fibre and superfoods into smoothie boosting ‘Bombs’ to add in.

The first flavour I made was The Motivator Raw Cacao because she loved the idea of a ‘chocolate milkshake’. From there, I made them for family and friends and locals cafes until I decided to turn it into a full blown business. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much it’s grown over the past 8 years! Now I run the business with my once fussy eating daughter, Lana.


What are some of the key ingredients across the range and what is it about them that you love most?

In every flavour there are almonds, linseeds, sunflower seeds, coconut and psyllium husk. These create a great foundational base of essential vitamins, minerals, fibre, omega 3’s and 6’s. Then with each flavour I’ve added in superfoods for their high nutritional benefits. For example, the spirulina in The Transformer Super Greens is packed full of antioxidants, iron and b vitamins. All of the ingredients combined make for an energising smoothie that keeps you fuller for longer.

As a Nutritionist, what is one of the best wellbeing tips you’ve learned or been given – and do you have any tips for mums and dads dealing with their own fussy eaters?

One of the big things I’ve learnt as a nutritionist is that you’re better off making small easy changes, rather than lots of big changes all at once. I find when people have too much on their plate it becomes overwhelming and often unsuccessful.

My best advice for parents with fussy eaters is to get them involved in the cooking process. The more they feel like they’re a part of it, the more likely they are to eat and enjoy it.


Can you share some more information about how your packaging is zero waste? 

Smoothie Bombs tubes are made from cardboard so they are recyclable. We have made the switch to compostable inner packaging this year, which is made from plant fibres and can be home composted. We are always looking at more ways to be environmentally friendly and are working towards a zero waste office space as well.


To date, what have been some of the biggest challenges in building your brand and/or in the industry? 

Inevitably, there are a lot of challenges in business. If it were easy everyone would be doing it! We’ve come across them all, from sourcing stable supplies of certified organic ingredients to packaging printing mishaps and everything in between.

A way we navigate through the challenges is by referring back to our brand story, why we do what we do and our strong ethics.


RECIPE: Can you share a favourite recipe with our readers using one of your Smoothie Bombs?

My personal favourite Smoothie Bombs flavour is The Defender Golden Chai. It’s packed full of spices like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon which are great for boosting your immune system. 

Here’s a popular recipe with this smoothie booster flavour:



Golden Chai & Mango Smoothie Recipe

  1. In your blender add 1 cup frozen mango and 1 cup coconut milk
  2. Crumble in 1 Defender Golden Chai Smoothie Bomb for nutrition & flavour
  3. Blend until smooth and top with your favourite toppings


The Smoothie Bombs are available in seven flavours, and each contain 10+ natural ingredients. Why not try five of the flavours in the multi-flavour mixed tube as each of the smoothie booster’s have their own unique benefits. Available online now.

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