Make Your Own Corporate Gift Hamper This Christmas

Nov 05, 2021by Gabby - F&F

Christmas is just around the corner! You're not alone if you're thinking how on earth did we already fly through a whole year. With that being said, if we take some time to reflect back on the year, even the last two — I'm sure we can all agree they've been the opposite of easy!

For many of us, we have had to adapt to working from home and doing things a little bit differently. As we enter the giving season, corporate gifts are an incredible way to show your customers and employees that you value them and are thankful for their efforts and support throughout the year. Nothing shouts appreciation more than a Christmas Gift and Card.

If you're unsure of what gift to give, you can't go wrong with a hamper. We all know hampers can be expensive, but they don't have to be. You can simply pick and choose what you want to include and make it your own. This adds a great personalised touch. 

We've put together a few different themed hampers that you may like to base your gift hampers off — all at the fraction of the cost of a premade hamper. You're welcome! 

Vegan ChocolateVegan Chocolate

The Vegan Hamper

One of the best ways to show someone you care is by showing them you know what they like. This also means understanding their ethical or dietary preferences. 

A vegan food hamper if perfect for all the vegan foodies out there and for those allergic to dairy. Everyone loves a good food hamper, so this gift is a safe choice that you can be sure your recipient will love.  

You may want this hamper to be strictly Chocolate, or your recipient may be a Lollie lover or Chip fan. If they like to Bake, we have some great items to choose from, ecspecially the Gingerbread Loaf which is right on theme. On the other hand, your recipient might be more into their health. Things like Protein Shakes and Snacks would be more fitting. 

Eco Office EssentialsEco Office Essentials

Office Ready

Office gifts might not sound exciting, but the reality is, we spend 5 out of 7 days a week at work, so we require a lot!

You can gift items you know your recipient will need, like pens, notebooks and calendars or motivate them by giving them something fun or nice to have at their desk, like a Candle or Diffuser. Other goodies to have close by are Lip BalmHand Cream and emergency Hair Ties.  

Other great office gifts are things like Reusable Drink Bottles, Reusable Coffee Cups, Cutlery Sets and Lunchboxes — stuff that we use everyday. You may even want to squeeze a few Sweet Treats in, for when the 3 o'clock twitch sinks in. A kick of energy is sometimes all they need to get their creative minds back up and running. 

Relax Gift SetRelax Gift Set

Relax & Unwind Care Pack

After the year we have all had, you may just want to send the message that your employees deserve to relax.

The Physic Garden Relax & Restore Skincare Gift Set includes a  Sleep Balm, Relax Bath Soak, Muscle Rub and Calm Balm — everything they could possibly need for some relaxing 'me time'. The Wheatbags Sleep Gift Pack is also perfect for relaxation. This particular gift pack contains a lavender scented eyepillow, a vegan sleep balm and ear plugs — so there will be absolutely no excuse for them, to not let their hair down. 

Other calming products your recipient might enjoy are Candles and Essential Oils, particularly calming Lavendar, the Relax & Unwind Trio and Deep Sleep. They might even enjoy a spa type pamper. For this, you can include things like Face Masks, Treatments and Nail Polish.

For more hamper inspo, consider building a gift pack based around your recipients hobbies. If you know they're into gardening for example, they will absolutely love a hamper full of Gardening Products. If you know they're into Camping or enjoy adventures, gift a hamper of practical Travel Essentials.

Don't forget to pop in a Christmas Card, to thank them for their effort over the year and to wish them a merry Christmas and happy holiday!

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