Majority Of Aussies Lack Engagement With Their Energy Provider — Here’s Why!

Mar 25, 2022by Olivia - F&F

New research by the Commonwealth Bank has revealed that the majority of Aussies want to live more sustainably, but many are completely in the dark when it comes to switching to a ‘green’ energy provider. Let’s find out why!

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70% Of Aussies Want To Live More Sustainably!

More than 70% of Australians wish to lead a sustainable life, new research by the Commonwealth Bank has revealed. Plus, over half of Australians (55%) recognise that moving towards renewable energy is critically important for the nation’s future. 

So, it should be easy to switch to an energy provider that sources renewable energy over fossil fuels, right? Well, it’s not that simple. It’s likely that many Australians are thinking about making the switch to a ‘green’ energy provider, but the new research has revealed that only 8% have successfully made the switch. 

So, 70% of Australians want to live more sustainably, and 55% recognise the importance of renewable energy — but only 8% have made the switch to a ‘green’ energy provider! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this might be occurring.

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Major Disconnect Between Aussies & Energy Providers

Here’s the root of the issue. In Australia, it’s evident that there is a lack of engagement between energy providers and their customers. 73% of Aussies said they are unaware of exactly how much they should pay for their electricity, despite the fact that many people choose an energy provider for offers/prices! 

Plus, only around 11% of Australians are confident that their electricity is generated by renewable energy sources. The most interesting fact is that 15% of Aussies admit that they don’t know the name of their current energy provider! 

Young Australians are least likely to know where their energy comes from, with around 30% aged 18-29 admitting that they are unaware, compared to around 5% of people aged 50-70. 

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42% Of Aussies Are More Aware Of Their Energy Consumption

The majority of Australians (70%) wish their energy provider was more transparent with costs, pricing plans, and perhaps even how their electricity is generated. An equal amount of Aussies say they’d change how they consume energy if it meant they could save some money.

The good news is that around 2 in 5 Australians (42%) have become more aware of their energy consumption since working from home. The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously changed the way many of us work and use electricity — around 37% of Aussies say they've changed how and when they use appliances to save money. Now, more than a quarter of Australians are considering switching to a different energy provider. In fact, even moreso than switching our home internet plan, mobile network, or streaming subscriptions!

Greenpeace Australia Green Electricity GuideGreenpeace Australia Green Electricity Guide

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Will You Make The Switch To A ‘Green’ Energy Provider?

Have you thought about switching to a ‘green’ energy provider? Many Australians (34%) stay with the same energy provider because they believe they are ‘all the same’, and around 1 in 5 believe there’s no point in switching. 

One of the biggest barriers in doing so is deciphering the plans, prices, and terms and conditions to figure out the best deal with the best energy provider — along with potential ‘greenwashing’ claims from heavy polluters that want to appear ‘climate-friendly’. It can be very confusing. 

In 2018, Greenpeace Australia Pacific created its Green Electricity Guide — an independent, unbiased assessment of the environmental credentials of energy providers in Australia. 

More Aussies than ever are motivated to live sustainably, manage their energy consumption, and perhaps even switch to a ‘green’ energy provider to facilitate the phase-out of fossil fuels. If you’re curious about the climate-credentials of your current energy provider, take a look at Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide!

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