Luxury Gifts That Won't Break The Bank This Christmas!

Nov 18, 2022by Gabby - F&F

When we think of luxury items, our minds run straight to words like rich, great comfort and elegance. It's also associated with needing to have a lot of money and in most cases the products aren't the most eco-friendly. 

The aim of this blog, is to help remove the stigma of luxury items having to be super expensive and also to provide you with sustainable, luxury gift ideas. Read along as we share some of our luxury gift ideas that are better for the planet and won't break your bank.

 Endota Mindful Moments Pack Endota Mindful Moments Pack

Image: Instagram/ @endotaspa

At Home Luxury Spa Treatment

As we near the end of the year, it's not uncommon for people to want to relax — that's why it's called the Christmas holidays right? So with this in mind, why not gift your loved ones with everything they need to create their own pampering experience. Endota has some beautiful skincare products to give you an at-home spa experience. From the delicacy of their hand creams, body wash and lotions, to their essential oil blends and diffusers — you can defintely create that spa atmosphere, in the comfort of your home.  

A luxury gift designed to impress, is Endota's Mindful Moments Pack. It's perfect for creating gentle warmth and a peaceful, relaxing ambience. It's spherical design, casts dappled white light into your space. This pack also has 3 essential oil blends included: bergamot, lavender and ylang ylang.

For more of a fun and luxury Christmas treat, say goodbye to single-use plastic and unuseful bon bons prizes and upgrade to Endota's Hand & Feet Bon Bon. Not only does it come in recyclable material, it is a practical gift —one worth fighting your opponent hard for. 

Matt & Nat Recycled Wallet Matt & Nat Recycled Wallet

Image: Matt & Nat

Luxury Wallets & Bags

If you've noticed your loved ones bag or wallet is starting to deteriate, choose to gift them a luxury, vegan one! You'll be glad to know that, they use linings only made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. In fact, approximately 21 plastic bottles are recycled for every bag they produce. How great is that?

Matt & Nat's vegan bags and wallet selection, is simply beautiful. Choose to stay on the Christmas theme by gifting a red wallet, green wallet or bag. Gift according to summer, with a gorgeous yellow bag. Or if you're unsure of there style, play it safe with a black bag — it goes with anything!

Retreatment Botanics Sculpt & Lift Micro Vibration RollerRetreatment Botanics Sculpt & Lift Micro Vibration Roller

Image: Retreatment Botanics

Beauty Tools

To add to your loved ones at home spa-treatment — gift Beauty Tools

Retreatment Botanics Sculpt & Lift Micro Vibration Roller Set includes: a Micro Vibrating Face Roller, Rose Quartz Large Roller Head and Rose Quartz Under-Eye Smoother. This luxurious rose quartz facial roller set can help to sculpt and lift the skin with 6000 gentle sonic vibrations per minute. With two interchangeable heads - facial roller and under-eye smoother. Plus, daily use may help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness — a gift in itself! 

There's also many other great beauty tools here at F&F that don't come in a gift pack, like Vanessa Megan's Wand, La Mav's Kansa Wand and Mukti's Microneedle Dermal Roller. Each tool is easy to use and has many benefits for your skin. It's definitely becoming a staple in everyone's skincare routine. 

Wheatbags and Eye PillowsWheatbags and Eye Pillows

Image: Instagram/ @wheatbagslove

Gift Packs

Wheatbags Love is a beautiful Australian brand that makes wheat bags, eye pillows and stunning gift sets. All products are made using conscious materials. Their packaging is beautiful and eco-friendly and they even cut shapes out of material to leave minimal waste. We love their ethics!

The  Soothe Gift Pack contains a lavender-scented wheatbag, rose petal bath salts and muscle balm — for the ultimate bath relaxing experience. If you're gifting for all the mumma's out there who need a good night sleep, the Sleep Gift Pack is a really nice option. The pack contains a lavender-scented eyepillow, a vegan sleep balm and ear plugs. Plus the design is super pretty too, so they'll be sleeping in style!

Ecoya  Luxury Celebrations CandlesEcoya  Luxury Celebrations Candles

Image: Instagram/ @ecoya


Candles are also a beautiful gift to receive or to buy for yourself and decorate a room. Candles may seem little and inexpensive — but every candle fan knows, they are in fact expensive and therefore we consider them a perfect luxury gift item!

Ecoya's Celebration Candle range, dresses up any home. It's housed in deco-inspired glass jar with a glass lid, is one of your more sophisticated looking candles. For more edge, Mojo's Candles are the perfect look to give off that cool factor! Being made in reclaimed wine bottles, they are a sustainable choice. 

Did we mention that once you've finished with your candle it can be reused and upcycled in many cool and different ways? That's right, it's a gift that keeps on giving. Read our blog on how to reuse candle vessels to learn more and find some inspo!

Spoil your loved ones this Christmas, with our affordable and luxury gifts.

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