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Oct 08, 2021by Gabby - F&F

The team at Lovehoney know sexual happiness is just as important for our wellbeing as any other part of our health. From our relationships to stress levels, prioritising sexual wellness can have a hugely positive impact on our day-to-day lives. And it can be way more fun than doing burpees or drinking green juices (not that we don’t love green juice).

Lovehoney is a part of the biggest sexual wellness company in the world and has been putting smiles on faces with their award-winning sex toys, lingerie and better sex essentials since 2002. They take the seediness out of sex toys so everybody, regardless of sexuality or gender can love how they love.

Lovehoney X Love Not War is their first line of eco-friendly vibrators. Yep, sex toys which love your body and the earth - what more could you ask for?

Lovehoney X Love Not War

With the help of Love Not War, Lovehoney’s sustainable range of toys have been designed with recyclability, waste reduction and adaptability in mind, and of course, pleasure. These sleek vibes are made using recyclable, skin-friendly aluminium, body-safe silicone and are fully rechargeable (so no wasteful batteries - yay!).

Each vibrator in the Love Not War range has been named “love” in a different language - how cute is that? And in terms of loving yourself (and the planet) these toys also do the trick.

From lipstick-shaped bullet vibes, to G-spot vibrators and bunny ears, this range has something for everyone. With that said, let’s take a look at the range...

Lovehoney X Love Not War Amore Sustainable Bullet VibratorLovehoney X Love Not War Amore Sustainable Bullet Vibrator

Lovehoney X Love Not War Amore Sustainable Bullet Vibrator

They used to sing 'when the moon hits your eye, that's amore', but now there's a whole new sensual story. Sleek and classy, this lipstick-shaped bullet thrums with 11 thrilling functions and is perfect for discreet play, either solo or with a partner. 

If your new to toys, this bullet vibrator is a popular first pick due to its petite and non-intimadating proportions. The tapered tip offers direct and intense clitoral stimulation and is also ideal for use while having penetrative sex.

The Amore Bullet Vibrator features a sleek tapered tip and produces strong but quiet vibrations with 4 speeds and 7 vibration patterns. It is 100% waterproof, so we encourage you to enhance the sensations from your toy by using with your favourite Water-Based Lubricant.

Lovehoney X Love Not War Meile Sustainable Clitoral VibratorLovehoney X Love Not War Meile Sustainable Clitoral Vibrator

Lovehoney X Love Not War Meile Sustainable Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral vibrators have also been given a new, eco-friendly lease on life with the Meile Sustainable Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator.

Clitoral Vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris. The sensational design of this product features a ball-shaped tip that delivers its 11 functions with precision your sweet spot will thank you for.

Clitotoral Vibrators are larger than bullet vibrators and therefore can stimulate a larger area, making them great for grinding up against.

Lovehoney X Love Not War Laska Sustainable Rabbit Ears VibratorLovehoney X Love Not War Laska Sustainable Rabbit Ears Vibrator

Lovehoney X Love Not War Laska Sustainable Rechargeable Rabbit Ears Vibrator

Laska's quivering ears will soon have you quivering with ecstasy yourself. Offering 11 powerful vibration functions in one gorgeous package.

The Laska Rabbit Ears Vibrator features a rabbit ear-shaped tip and comes with a discreet storage bag made from bamboo.

To use, we recommend first putting a Water-Based Lubricant on the shaft and ears. Then, get your motor running by gently running the rabbit ears against your clitoris. Once you’re ready to go, switch them on using the buttons on the handle and position the ears so they gently tickle your external hot spots. Then simply lie back and enjoy the clit-buzzing-bliss. To step it up a notch, insert the rabbit's shaft and use the buttons to increase the speed or change the pattern. 

Lovehoney X Love Not War Liebe Sustainable G-Spot VibratorLovehoney X Love Not War Liebe Sustainable G-Spot Vibrator

Lovehoney X Love Not War Liebe Sustainable G-Spot Vibrator

Tempt your G-spot with 11 rapturous vibration functions in a beautiful, eco-friendly package. Liebe's slick design and simple interface open the door to ecstasy-inducing G-spot play, whether by yourself or with help from a lover's guiding hand.

When using a G-Spot Vibrator, we reckon it’s best to start slowly and build up, making sure you’re hot and steamy. Slather your G-spot vibrator in Water-Based Lube and slide it in about 2 inches. Press the shaft head or angled tip against your Mappa Tassie's front wall. You may want to slide your toy from side to side until you hit the right place. When you hit it, trust us you'll know. 

Once your finished with your toys, use the Fresh Toy Cleaner to wash and then they are ready to be reused!

Regardless of your age, sexuality, gender or what choices you make to lower your environmental impact, Lovehoney wants to make sure you can love how you love.

Just discovering the joys of sexual happiness? Always wanted to try a sex toy but have worried about the materials? Just looking for ways to make your sex life more sustainable? Whatever it is, you’re on the right track with Lovehoney.

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