Looking For Zero Waste Oral Hygiene Products? Try Dr Robb! (Formerly, 'Chews')

Mar 18, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Dr Robb, formerly known as ‘Chews’, are behind the zero waste toothpaste tablets that you’ve been seeing all over social media! Here at Flora & Fauna, we’re currently offering 10% off all Dr Robb Oral Hygiene products. Get in quick — offer ends on the 27th of March!

Dr Robb DentistDr Robb Dentist

Dr Robb’s Products Are Developed By Dentists!

Did you know that ‘Dr Rob’ is actually a real person? Rob Wood is a dentist living and working near Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Having spent years helping people with their oral health, he realised that there were very few sustainable, low-waste alternatives to toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes. He also felt there were too many harmful chemicals.

Dr Rob and his team spent 18 months developing a simple, sustainable alternative: toothpaste tablets! 

With the planet in mind, the newly rebranded ‘Dr Robb’ (formerly ‘Chews’) redesigned their reusable and toothpaste tablet tins and home compostable refill packs. With Dr Robb’s Toothpaste Tablets, you know exactly how much product you’re getting in every tablet (you’re not paying for a tube filled with water!) and they’re super convenient for travelling.

How To Use Toothpaste TabletsHow To Use Toothpaste Tablets

How Do Dr Robb’s Toothpaste Tablets Work?

You probably have a million questions about toothpaste tablets: How do they work? Are they effective? How do I use them? What are they made of? They’re all valid questions! Dr Robb’s chewable toothpaste tablets effectively clean and protect teeth, without the need for excess plastic and water. 

To use these highly concentrated toothpaste tablets, all you need to do is Chew It, Brush It, and Spit It! Pop a toothpaste tablet in your mouth and chew for 15-20 seconds, brush your teeth as normal for 2 minutes, then spit and rinse. So simple! Toothpaste tablets have the potential to wipe out the need for single-use plastic toothpaste tubes. 

Dr Robb Toothpaste Tablets are available in a 1 month supply, which gives you 62 tablets. We also have the Dr Robb Toothpaste Tablets in a 3 Month Refill.

Dr Robb Products Flora & FaunaDr Robb Products Flora & Fauna

Dr Robb Creates Sustainable, Zero Waste Products

Zero-waste dental products are incredibly hard to come by, especially in your average supermarket! Dr Robb’s toothpaste tablets and toothbrushes are truly made with the planet, and your health, in mind. 

Every year, it’s estimated that more than 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are thrown into landfill. Toothpaste tubes can take up to 500 years to break down in landfill, and even then, they leave harmful microplastics behind. What if we could rid the need for toothpaste tubes altogether? 

This is why Dr Robb has created the Toothpaste Tablets (1 Month Supply), housed in a reusable and recyclable metal tin. To refill your toothpaste tablet tin, you’ll need the Toothpaste Tablets (3 Month Refill), which come in a home compostable pouch! Dr Robb also offers a, Bamboo Toothbrush.

Dr Robb Toothpaste Tablet IngredientsDr Robb Toothpaste Tablet Ingredients

Dr Robb Uses Natural Ingredients (No Nasties!)

Each ingredient used to create Dr Robb’s toothpaste tablets has been carefully selected to improve oral hygiene — without harming your health or the planet!

Dr Robb’s formula contains a mix of key ingredients that are proven to improve oral hygiene: Calcium Carbonate (to remove staining), Sodium Bicarbonate (to eliminate acid and plaque), Mint (to freshen breath), Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (to increase foaminess), and Sodium Fluoride (to fill in holes and strengthen teeth).

Here at F&F, we also have Dr Robb Natural Peppermint Toothpaste — made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, as well as Dr Robb Natural Kids Strawberry Toothpaste — which effectively cleans and protects kids’ teeth using a yummy strawberry flavour (ages 6+).

Look after your teeth, and look after the planet — with Dr Robb’s range of Australian-made, zero-waste oral hygiene products! We were a huge fan of Chews, but we love the new rebranding to ‘Dr Robb’. Have you tried their toothpaste tablets or bamboo toothbrushes? Let us know your experience by leaving a review on the product’s page. 

Shop now to receive 10% of all Dr Robb Natural Toothpaste & Tablets (ends 27th of March 2022!).

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