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Mar 11, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Grants of Australia is Australia’s number one selling natural toothpaste and have been providing health conscious Aussie families with a natural way to fight plaque, prevent cavities and freshen breath for more than 35 years.

With three kids’ varieties, two fluoride free options and one low fluoride option, to promote healthy little teeth and gums — naturally, we ask Grants for their 5 tops tips for cultivating great oral hygiene in kids and how to make brushing fun!

Grants Toothpaste - Fresh Mint with Fluoride Grants Toothpaste - Fresh Mint with Fluoride

Model Good Brushing Habits

Good ingredients in your Toothpaste are just one part of great dental health.

Kids are like mirrors into our behaviours so modelling great brushing habits, is an easy way to encourage children to brush regularly and thoroughly. Getting children to brush their teeth at the same time as you and copying your actions helps them to learn how to brush properly.

Grants Toothpaste Kids Bluberry Burst & Strawberry SurpriseGrants Toothpaste Kids Bluberry Burst & Strawberry Surprise

Brush Twice A Day — Morning & Night

Kids love routines — the more they do something, the more it becomes second nature and will be carried through into their teen and adult lives. 

Daily sticker charts with images of the task children need to complete each morning and night is a visual way of building routine and kids love adding stickers, stamps, ticks, crosses etc to a chart.

Grants Toothpaste - Kids Strawberry Surprise Grants Toothpaste - Kids Strawberry Surprise

Brush For 2 Minutes

This can be a tough one with kids who are in a rush to go play, but thoroughly brushing away food residue and bacteria build up twice a day, means healthy teeth and gums!

So how do you get your kids to stay still for 2 minutes? Singing their favourite song or nursery rhyme while they brush can help to keep them on task. The Wiggles also have an excellent brushing song on YouTube that is a fun way to keep kids engaged.

Grants Toothpaste - Kids Blueberry BurstGrants Toothpaste - Kids Blueberry Burst

Eat A Balanced Diet

Eating a good mix of fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates, and proteins is important for general health and dental health.

Limiting foods and drinks that have a high sugar content also has long term positive effects on dental health. When kids do have a sugary treat, drinking water or giving their mouths a rinse with water, will help to remove the sugary residue from teeth.

Grants Natural Toothpaste - Kids Strawberry Surprise Grants Natural Toothpaste - Kids Strawberry Surprise

Choose A Natural Toothpaste That Contains Good Ingredients, Like Grants!

Choose a kid’s toothpaste that is free from ingredients like SLS, parabens, artificial colours or flavours, preservatives, sugar, or sulphates.

Grants kids’ range is boosted with Xylitol which is proven to reduce the bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth decay, while also harnessing the power of natural minerals like calcium carbonate and herbal extracts to with proven dental health benefits to further keep teeth and gums healthy.

Want to know the difference between Fluriode Free and Low Fluriode? Both are great for ages 2 years + whilst the low fluriode offers an additional boost of fluoride for kids teeth.

We hope you enjoyed Grants oral hygiene tips, and start to see a difference with your kids teeth, as they show off their big smiles and pearly whites. You can shop the entire Grants of Australia range here.

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