Is Cork Tough Enough?

Nov 06, 2017by F&F

Cork is a material we love. It's sustainable, ethical, eco friendly and very stylish. But is it tough enough? Often when we think of cork we think corks in wine bottles and so it's hard to imagine cork in a bag. But it's very durable and it

Cork comes from the Cork Oak trees which grow in the Mediterranean and that is where most cork comes from although other countries are growing Cork Oak Trees too. If you visit Portugal you will find many cork products in markets and being used. 

A Cork Oak needs to be 25 years old before the cork can be harvested and it is harvested every 8 to 10 years. It's a careful process so that the tree's inner bark isn't damaged. 


So what are the amazing properties of cork​:

Simple production methods - Cork is produced without the harsh chemicals that you find in leather production so it's much kinder to the environment. 

Lightweight - Cork is very lightweight as over 50% of its volume is air. It's ideal when you have heavy items to carry.

Water Resistant - Cork is meant to be durable. It is designed to protect the tree from the harsh environment and forests of the Mediterranean where they experience droughts and floods frequently. So it is tough!

Soft - Cork is beautifully soft and unique; we don't see many cork bags around so you will absolutely stand out with a cork bag or wallet. 

It's Vegan and Cruelty Free - Cork is not only planet friendly, it is animal friendly. It's vegan like everything at Flora & Fauna. 

Caring for your cork bag. 

It couldn't be simpler. Simply wipe over with water and natural soap if you need to use that. 


We have a great range of cork bags and wallets at Flora & Fauna which you can find here. 



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