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Jun 01, 2018by Julie - F&F

As ecostore’s non-toxic cleaning and laundry products gained recognition globally for their innovative and award-winning formulations, so did the brand’s awareness of the effectiveness their products were having on their customers skin. The brand soon realised that there was a gap in the market for effective affordable skincare and that New Zealand’s nutrient rich environment could potentially provide a solution within the category.

The SKIN by ecostore skincare range includes cleansers, oils and moisturisers containing only the finest quality of natural ingredients that have been dermatologically tested and backed by science. SKIN has been described as 'everything your skin needs, but nothing it doesn’t' as the collection does not, and will not, contain any ingredient that does not benefit both the skin and the environment. Rest assured the range will always be cruelty free, a natural philosophy held true throughout all Ecostore products and ranges.


SKIN by Ecostore - The Difference

The hero ingredients in the line are unique to New Zealand and of the highest-grade quality (we have come to expect nothing less from the brilliant team behind the brand).

New Zealand marine extract - A marine extract that hydrates and smoothes the skin, and is packed with bioactives such as polysaccharides, carotenoids and phenolics, which improves skin elasticity by encouraging and stimulating collagen production. It is renowned for its hydrating and moisturising properties which assist with creating a unique barrier on the skin to lock in moisture and nutrients.

Grapeseed extract - An extract sourced from the vineyards in Marlborough; a renowned wine growing region in New Zealand famous for its sauvignon blanc wines. The Marlborough grapes are subject to a varying degree of weather conditions causing them to produce high levels of antioxidants in order to protect themselves from the harsh elements. This protective antioxidant is extracted and used within the SKIN skincare range to enhance the skin’s natural antioxidant defences against skin damaging free radicals. The antioxidant level in the grapeseed extract is 50 times stronger than Vitamin E and 20 times stronger than Vitamin C.

Blackcurrant Oil - The blackcurrant oil comes from the South Island of New Zealand. As well as having higher antioxidant activity than other berries, the blackcurrants also provide the perfect balance of essential fatty acids: Omega 3, 6 and 9, to help with the health of the skin barrier for smoother-looking skin.

Harakeke - (native New Zealand flax) - The New Zealand native flax bush harakeke, sustainably harvested north of Auckland, is renowned for its moisturising properties. Its anti-microbial action helps to reduce redness and inflammation while also soothing and cooling skin.


And once again, native to ecostore’s core values, the ingredients within the skincare range are not only incredibly beneficial to the skin but are also impressively sustainably sourced - Both the seaweed and grape seeds used within the range are considered waste products within their industry e.g. grape seed is a waste product within the wine industry and the seaweed is invasive within the NZ waters. By harnessing the incredible skin health benefits from these extracts, not only enhances their customer satisfaction but also benefits the industries they source the ingredients from.

These powerhouse ingredients are together blended with highly effective and quality ingredients such as pineapple extract, avocado oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and kiwi fruit among others, which have all been specifically selected and tested within the formulas to achieve optimum skin-loving, luminous results.

From its humble environmentally-driven beginnings, ecostore is now a leader in the field of health and wellbeing. The effectiveness of their products speak for themselves and are perfect for those wanting to make the transition to a natural skincare alternative that is not only environmentally-friendly but is also backed by science. We currently range eight of the SKIN by Ecostore products which are all vegan and cater to different skin types and concerns ensuring there is a product to fit into any skincare regime:


Normal to Dry skin

SKIN by ecostore Gentle Cleanser - A gentle and soothing cleanser rich in vitamins, antioxidants and omega oils.

SKIN by ecostore Hydrating Moisturiser - A hydrating formulation that aids with cell regeneration, hydration and skin elasticity.


Combination to Oily skin

SKIN by ecostore Purifying Cleanser - A purifying and brightening cleanser with soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.

SKIN by ecostore Light Moisturiser - An omega-rich moisturiser that improves skin elasticity and balances oil production.


All Skin Types

SKIN by ecostore Multi-Nutrient Facial Oil - A vitamin and nutrient rich facial oil with collagen supportive CoQ10 that assists in locking in moisture and neutralising damaging free radicals.

SKIN by ecostore Replenishing Night Cream - An ultra hydrating cream that stimulates collagen production while you sleep, for a radiant, hydrated complexion.

SKIN by ecostore Rejuvenating Body Moisturiser - Intensely nourishes and hydrates all over for softer smoother skin.

SKIN by ecostore Nourishing Hand Cream - A non-greasy blend that nourishes skin for soft and smooth hands.


You can shop SKIN by ecostore at Flora & Fauna. 


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