Improve Your Health Goals With Wanderlust's Natural Health Supplements

Jan 19, 2023by Gabby - F&F

This year, tick off your health goals, with the help of Wanderlust's herbal health supplements. In this blog, we'll take you through what product is best for certain areas of your body. Read along!

Ginger - Immune + DigestionGinger - Immune + Digestion

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When it comes to our health, there are so many different areas in the body we need to consider. 

For help with your immune system, try Wanderlust's Elderflower or Ginger blend. Elderflower is great for sore throat relief. It also reduces symptoms of the common cold and clears respiratory tract. The Ginger blend is great for overall immune system health, as well as nausea relief and digestive health. 

For optimal heart health, try Hawthorn — it helps strengthen the heart and maintains good cardiovascular system functioning.  If you struggle with gut health, Milk Thistle is a great cleanse and detox for the body, it also helps support liver function. 

As for more general ways to improve your overall health, you can't go wrong with the Omega's, Green Tea or Sage blends.

Cramp Bark - Muscle ReliefCramp Bark - Muscle Relief

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Joints, Bones, Muscles & Inflammation

The older we get, the more we start to notice aches and pains. Our advice to you, is start helping yourself early. Wanderlust's Tumeric and Cramp Bark are great for improving joints, bones, muscles and inflammation. Here's how! We already know tumeric is a natural anti-inflammatory, so Wanderlust has added a few ingredients to give you even more benefits. For example, an ingredient they added in these drops is black pepper — which helps with absorption. 

As for Cramp Bark, this flower ingredient has traditionally been used in Western Herbal Medicine to support muscle health and function. It helps relax muscles and blood vessels, which can relieve pain, reduce blood pressure and treat cramps. If your body is screaming out for some muscle relief, we highly recommend these drops.

Wanderlust Sleep Botanicals - Relax & SleepWanderlust Sleep Botanicals - Relax & Sleep

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Sleep Support

Whilst we all crave sleep on the best of days, it's not always as easy as popping your head down on the pillow, and boom you're asleep. If you're looking for something natural to aid you in sleep, Wanderlust has a handful of options. 

Their Ashwaghanda Drops, is an adaptogen for stress, nervous tension and vitality support. They help to soothe and calm nerves (that may be the reason you're kept awake at night), and instead, support a refreshing sleep. The Valerian Drops are also great for sleep support. They help with calmness and relaxes the mind ready for rest.

As for the Sleep Botanicals and Soulful Sleep, you know they're good when they have the word 'sleep' on it, but seriously, the Sleep Botanicals assists with mind relaxation and the Soulful Sleep drops helps to induce sleep, relieve sleeplessness and support healthy sleeping patterns. Both are great options. 

Just be mindful that all of these sleep support drops should be consumed an hour before bed, for best results.

Wanderlust Inner Calm - Mild Anxiety ReliefWanderlust Inner Calm - Mild Anxiety Relief

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Stress & Mood

There's no denying that stress and mood, plays a big part in our daily lives, so let's get the best out of the situation, with some help from Wanderlust.

The Stress Less Capsules does exactly that, helps you to stress less, as well as support a healthy stress response in the body. The Inner Calm, is consciously created with a plant-active blend of saffron and lavender to help relieve symptoms of mild anxiety, reduces nervous tension and support emotional wellbeing. The saffron ingredient helps support emotional and general mental wellbeing and overall mood, whilst the lavender, supports healthy sleeping patterns, relieve sleeplessness and reduces restless sleep. If you're looking to be uplifted, we highly recommend these products!

Siberian GinsengSiberian Ginseng

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Performance & Energy

Performance and energy is so important, it's the key to getting through the day! If you need help beating the 3 o'clock twitch and want to cut back on the coffee, here's what Wanderlust has to offer!

Siberian Ginseng is traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to support energy levels as an adaptogen to help the body adapt to stress. This blend helps to relieve fatigue, support energy levels, support immune system health and maintain vitality.

The Quercetin blend, is a great immune and antioxidant for when you're feeling run down. If you're in need for an energy boost, this is the blend to take!

We hope you achieve your health goals this year, with the help of Wanderlust's amazing range of natural health supplements. Let us know which one's you choose in the comments below!

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