How To Use SoL Cups Charcoal Water Filter Sticks

Dec 09, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Sol Cups is helping you say goodbye to using plastic water filters, whilst still enjoying purified water with their Active Charcoal Water Filter Sticks. Let's check it out!

How Do Charcoal Water Filter Sticks Work?

SoL Pure Binchotan Active Charcoal Water Filter Sticks work to purify, soften and improve the taste of drinking water. Its porous nature means it absorbs all the toxins and nasties found in tap water and releases healthy minerals — leaving water tasting clear and pure! In fact, choosing to use a water filter, reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disease by more than 80%. Big tick! 

So why use charcoal? Charcoal is a centuries old superpower that has proven to lower cholesterol levels, improve kidney function and whiten your teeth! That's why popping it in your water is no exception to its natural magic. Fun Fact: These activated charcoal sticks are made by burning oak branches at an extremely high temperature and then rapidly cooling them.

Active Charcoal Water Filter SticksActive Charcoal Water Filter Sticks

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How To Use Sol Cups Charcoal Water Filter Sticks

  1. Upon first use, boil the sticks in water for up to 10 minutes
  2. Use the excess water for your plants
  3. Add the charcoal stick to your water and leave it to infuse for a minimum of 2 hours, or otherwise overnight. This transforms it from regular tap water to purified.
  4. We recommend that you do this every two weeks to freshen it up.

Note: You can reuse the charcoal sticks over and over again for up to three months.

Neutralising Shoe OdoursNeutralising Shoe Odours

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What Else Can These Filter Sticks Be Used For?

Beyond purifying water, charcoal traps odours in the air and can be planted in garden earth to stimulate healthy soil, or added to a hot bath to enhance blood circulation! So believe it or not, these charcoal water filter sticks go beyond simply purifying water. How cool is that? We love a good multi-purposed gadget!

You can place one stick in a cupboard, wardrobe, fridge or inside shoes to remove odours and dampness. See more in our video below:

By using these water filter sticks, you can erradicate the need for single-use plastic, whilst ensuring great and safe tasting water! If you haven't already, make the switch for your health and the world around you.

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