How To Style Activewear For Work

Jul 01, 2022by Gabby - F&F

If the last couple of years in a pandemic taught us anything, it was the importance of health and wellness. Taking the good out of a bad situation, gave us a new outlook on life. We could start a new routine, think of things differently and create new daily structures, one of which was — an emphasis on work-life balance.

Whether working from home has become a new norm or you adopted new ways to move as part of your daily routine — a wardrobe that embodies comfort and movement is celebrated. Here at F&F, we participate in weekly yoga sessions, run by our very own team member, Emma. With this in mind, we wanted dressing for work to still be easy, so we turned to our beloved Boody and pulled out some basics suitable for both work and physical activity.

Keep reading for tips on how to style activewear so that it's still suitable for work!

Boody Women's Active Muscle Tank Top - WhiteBoody Women's Active Muscle Tank Top - White

Think Comfort, Think Movement

Upper Body - 

When styling your upper body, you want to firstly think about good support. Boody Motivate Longline Bra, provides medium support and is made with a durable EcoCert certified organic bamboo and cotton blend that is soft and breathable! The high front coverage style and longline, design, doubles up this bra as a top. If you don't have high-waisted pants, you can throw over a button up longsleeve, leave the upper buttons undone so you can still see your shirt and have the bottom few done up, then half tucked into your pants. 

As for shirts, we think the Muscle Tank Top makes a beautiful blouse tucked into some black pants. You can style the shirt by simply throwing a blazer over the top. 

Boody Motivate Relaxed Leg Pant - BlackBoody Motivate Relaxed Leg Pant - Black

Think Comfort, Think Movement

Lower Body - 

Looking for an everyday flare that can also be worn as yoga pants? You have to try Boody Motivate Relaxed Leg Pant, Black. These full-length, high-rise yoga pants are soft and breathable. They feature a subtle flared leg, a pocket insert in the waistband and are ideal for low impact activity. The high rise nature, makes these pants perfect for pairing a buttoned work shirt with. Plus, it's easy to strut your pose. 

We also love Boody's Full-Length High-Waist Tights in Black because it can be styled in a few ways. You can wear a dress or skirt over the leggings and have them immitate a winter stocking look. You could also have an long buttoned up shirt that falls down past the waist. Alternatively you might like to tuck a blouse in and wear a coat over the top. 

Boody Downtime Lounge Top - WhiteBoody Downtime Lounge Top - White

Key Colours To Call Out

One thing to note, colours make all the difference when it comes to wearing activewear as workwear. Having your neutrals — white, black and dark blue are safe choices. This way you can add your pop up colour with coats, blazers or button up shirts. 

You can also look at this in the opposite way. For example, Boody's Longline Bra in Dark Olive gives you some colour, without it being too bright. Then make sure to choose a neutral coat, blazer or button up shirt to throw over the top. So many reverse combinations to try, as long as you have your basics, you'll be fine!

As you can see, having your basics sorted goes a long way! Whether you're doing some exercise throughout the day, or straight after work — it's great knowing you're already dressed and ready to go! All you have to do is take off your coat, button up or blazer. Boody's pants and tops when styled correctly not only look professional, but they also ensure comfort and a range of movement. 

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