How To Refill Asuvi's Natural Deodorant

Feb 10, 2023by Gabby - F&F

Asuvi is an Australian-owned company that makes natural deodorants with sophisticated scents. They use natural science and eco-conscious packaging to avoid unnecessary waste.

What's really cool is, all their deodorants are refillable and we sell the refills! In this blog, we will be sharing how to refill your deodorant, once you've run out — follow along!

Asuvi - The Refillable DeodorantAsuvi - The Refillable Deodorant

Image: Instagram / @asuvi_cos

About Asuvi

Asuvi natural deodorants was launched in 2018 by founder Thomas when he spent years being unsatisfied with what the market had to offer. So, he set out on his journey to create a natural deodorant range with a conscience.

Asuvi pairs natural science to create effective deodorants with the environment at the forefront of their business. They donate 1% of their sales to the planet and strive to do more every day. Their refills are made from compostable materials and the containers are made from recycled plastic. They are committed to having the best and most sustainable ingredients, all of which are vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil free.

Asuvi All Natural Deodorant

Asuvi's Refillable Deodorant Paste

Asuvi's vegan and cruelty-free deodorant pastes are plant and mineral based, designed for effective odour protection by some of Australia's best Cosmetic Chemists.

The natural deodorants are cased in a 100% recycled plastic tube with refillable inserts made of compostable cardboard. You can choose between scents that produce aroma's like — Natural Musk & Tangy Citrus, Citrus Fragrance With Wood & Musk, Floral Fragrance With Rose & Jasmine, Warm & Sweet Aroma, a Summery Aroma, or a Sensitive-Friendly Deodorant Paste. Which deodorant are you keen to try?


How To Refill Asuvi's Deodorant Paste

  1. Clean your reusable tube and the plastic disc inside. Once clean, wind the plastic disc back to the bottom of the tube (anti-clockwise).
  2. Remove the cap of your refill and tip it upside down onto the rim of your reusable tube. The refill rim is slightly larger so that it fits over the tube's rim.
  3. Press the base of the refill downwards as far as you can to push the stick into your reusable tube.
  4. Pull the Bio-refill tube up and off and dispose of it appropriately.
  5. Enjoy your 'new' deodorant! 

Smell fresh throughout the day without worrying about irritation or waste contribution. We absolutely love how Asuvi makes natural deodorants with sophisticated scents that are simply better for the planet!

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