How To Care For Your Beard

Sep 09, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Growing a beard isn't as easy as you think. A beard, just like your hair, requires proper care and discipline. What's more, is that it doesn't come without some challenges. Three of the most common problems when it comes to having a beard, is beard itch aka "beardruff," "crazy beard" syndrome and even patchy beards.

In this blog, we will take you through what tools and products you need to care for your beard.

So, whether you've just started to grow a beard or you're looking to rid the problems associated with having a beard, you'll love putting these handy tips into action!

The Bearded Chap - Original Beard Wash - RuggedThe Bearded Chap - Original Beard Wash - Rugged

Image: Instagram / @thebeardedchap

Wash Your Beard

The best thing you can do for your beard, is wash it regularly. The Bearded Chap - Rugged Original Beard Wash is an award winning wash and a total breath of fresh air.

This beard wash is a heavy hitter against dirty beards. It cleans your face and beard without stripping them of their natural oils, softens your beard, is gentle on the skin and contains ingredients that encourages beard growth.

To use, simply apply to your beard, rinse and enjoy feeling fresh all day long without drying out your face or beard.

The Bearded Chap - Original Beard OilThe Bearded Chap - Original Beard Oil

Image: Instagram / @thebeardedchap

Use A Beard Oil

A beard oil is an absolute necessity when it comes to taking care of your beard. It's used to hydrate your hair, as well as your skin underneath.

If you're someone who suffers from beardruff, add a beard oil to your daily routine. The Bearded Chap's Beard Oil, acts as a hyper intensive moisturiser nourishing the skin under the beard and providing the hair follicles with nutrients to maintain its health. Say goodbye to that “itch” and feel the effects of nourishing ingredients that come from the handpicked bases and fast absorbing natural oils.

To use, place 4-6 drops of grooming oil in palm of hand after washing with a dedicated beard shampoo. Rub into hands and massage upward into the beard and skin, making sure to get under chin and cheeks.

Well Groomed BeardWell Groomed Beard

Image: Canva

Maintain Regular Grooming

It's important to know, that no two beards are the same. Some grow straight, some wavy and others curly. So if you're someone who has a few strays, here's what tools you can use.

First things first, make sure that any hair growing from the adams apple down, is trimmed short. You can use a Safety Razor to do this. Next you're going to want to Brush or Comb your beard every day to prevent knots and tangles. They're also great for making sure hairs aren't flying out in all sorts of different directions. Simply brush them down. Hot tip from The Bearded Chap is to attach a diffuser to a hair dryer (to avoid burning your face) and use a brush to comb your beard into the desired style and shape.

Once you're happy with the length of you beard, it's all about maintenance. Use scissors or trimmers to groom hair in place.

Vegan Balanced DietVegan Balanced Diet

Image: Canva

How To Grow A Healthy Beard 

External factors like diet and sleep play such a big part in many areas throughout our life and as strange as it sounds, the beard is included!

To grow a healthy beard, make sure to:

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine
  • Eat a well-balanced diet containing all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Protein, fat and essential vitamins like (B3, B5 & B9) give your beard the best opportunity to grow.
  • Consider taking a vitamin supplement‌
  • Avoid beard oils and products that contain nasties

Who else originally thought growing a beard was a simple as not shaving your face for a bit? As you can see, there is a lot of effort when it comes to maintaining a well groomed beard, but we have all the tools you need to really let it shine. 

Did we mention The Bearded Chap - Beard Grooming Products are new to F&F? Each bottle is handcrafted & bottled in Australia by a bearded man, so you're in safe hands! You can shop all of our beard-related products here!

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