How To Avoid Mozzie Bites This Summer!

Dec 16, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Summer's here, which means... so are the dreaded mozzie bites!

I'm sure we have all experienced a night out in the great outdoors, to later wake up the next morning covered in bites (or the same night for that matter). No one likes to be itchy. So, how can we get mosquito's to leave us alone, yet assure them no harm?

In this blog we will educate you on what mosquito's don't like, so you can learn to detract them from you. We will also be sharing some cruelty-free products to keep you safe and the bugs at bay. If the inevitable does happen and you can't escape all the bites, we have some remedies for you to try too! Read along!

Lavender Essential OilLavender Essential Oil

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What Do Mozzies Hate?

It's in our human nature to not want to be hated, but when it comes to mozzies — this is not the case! In fact we try do everything we can to make them hate us! If you're wondering what more you can do to keep them away, check out the below. Mozzies hate:

  • Mosquito repellent 
  • Natural scents like: cinnamon, peppermint, cedar, citronella, lemongrass, patchouli, catnip, lavender, and more!
  • Wind - surprisingly they are not good at flying, so a bit of wind — natural or not, will deter them from getting too close.
  • Garlic - they may not be vampires, but they too don't like the delicious vegetable. 
  • Loose clothing & light clothes - loose clothing makes it harder for the mozzies to get you. Also, the lighter your clothing is, the harder it is for a mosquito to spot.
  • Smoke - a campfire always does well to detract mozzies.
  • Dry areas - instead, mosquito's like moist places.
  • Scent-free lotion - instead, mosquito's love strong perfumes and lotions.

Cruelty-Free Products To Keep Mozzies Away, At F&F

Now that we know what mozzies hate, it's easier to put together a plan to keep them away! Raw Nature's Bug Repellent Balm is a vegan and cruelty-free way to keep bugs at bay. It uses essential oils to detract mozzies and comes in an eco-friendly, compostable cardboard push tube too. Huge tick! Bug-grrr Off Natural Insect Repellent is also great. It has 6 hour protection against a large variety of biting insects such as mosquitoes, sand flies, black flies, stable flies, midges, leeches and ticks. It also uses essential oils to repel insects. 

For children, we highly recommend Parakito's Mosquito Wristband. They are bright and have fun designs to choose from. Their essential oil formula is all natural and plant based, helping reduce the appeal to mozzies. They're great for kids who are off on adventures and to put by their bed at night. Parakito also has Clips, which can be attached to things like your bag, backpack, pram, keys, even your pocket. 

Another neat trick, is lighting an Unscented Candle in the area you're sitting in, as they are attracted to floral and strong smells. Plus, they won't go near fire — in this case the flame. You can of course pick up some Essential Oils and pop them in a diffuser to repel them as well. Don't forget about your furry friends! Keep them protected by using, Essential Dog Citronella Guard Spray.

The Physic Garden Bug BalmThe Physic Garden Bug Balm

How To Soothe Mozzie Bites, 

Now if the dreaded happens and mozzie bites do occur, we have some products here at F&F to help soothe the pain and rid the itchiness!

The Physic Garden's Bug Balm is a completely natural outdoor balm that provides a beautiful natural moisturiser. Simply apply to the affected areas. Another miracle worker for more things than one is aloe vera. Here at F&F, we stock Dr Organic's Aloe Vera Gel. It's great for insect bites and instantly cools and soothes the skin. 

Now we're going to present some whacky natural remedies, don't mock it until you try. Surprisingly, Toothpaste helps relieve discomfort. It acts as an astringent, drawing itchy venom from the wound as it dries. Alcohol is also known to be a remedy for bites of all kinds, this can be seen in the form of Hand Sanitisers too. Deodorant (ones containing aluminum salts) also helps to reduce swelling, pain and the need to itch.

We hope these tips come in handy for you this Summer. If you have some additional natural remedy tricks to soothe mozzie bites, we'd love to hear them! Pop your comments below.

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