Hazelnut Butter Truffles

Aug 19, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Looking for a sweet treat that is filled with goodness? Our ambassador Brooke, has put together a delicious recipes that requires just a few of your household staples. How good!

Pana Hazelnut Chocolate Vegan SpreadPana Hazelnut Chocolate Vegan Spread

Image: Instagram / @brooke_josland


Vegan Hazelnut Butter TrufflesVegan Hazelnut Butter Truffles

Image: Instagram / @brooke_josland


  1. Remove the seeds from a handful of dates by slicing just one side of each date lengthwise.
  2. Fill each date with Pana Organic Vegan Hazelnut Spread and gently pressed the sides back together to ‘seal’. You will only need a small amount of hazelnut butter, no more than a teaspoon.
  3. Melt the Dark Chocolate in a small bowl over simmering water, once smooth remove from the heat and leave to cool slightly.
  4. Place each date into the melted chocolate one at a time and gently stir it around to coat (if there is left over chocolate double coat some of the dates).
  5. Lightly sprinkle some salt and cacao nibs or rose petals onto each date then place in the fridge or freezer to set (they don’t take long to set).
  6. Note: You could also add extras to the hazelnut butter like tonic herbs or Medicinal Mushroom Powders.

This recipe is super simple and easy to make ahead when you want a sweet treat, without the nasties. We absolutely love these truffles in the evening with a cup of tea!

What homemade choccie treats have you made that tastes delicious and is also a healthier alternative to packaged sweets? We'd love to know, so leave your answers in the comment section below. 

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