Global Recycling Day

Mar 15, 2021by Olivia - F&F

March 18th is Global Recycling Day — it’s a day to recognise and celebrate the importance of recycling and the role it plays in preserving the Earth’s primary resources! 

Here at F&F, one of our core values is being kind to the Planet. That’s why we love recycling! In fact, we even have our own Recycling Program. Plus, in exchange for returning your recyclable beauty packaging, blister packs, hosiery and more to us, we’ll credit your account $10 Flora & Fauna store credit for being planet-friendly and helping our environment! 

Keep on reading to find out why we’re celebrating Global Recycling Day and how you can get involved in F&F’s Recycling Program.

What is Global Recycling Day? What is Global Recycling Day?

What is Global Recycling Day?

Global Recycling Day, an annual event created in 2018, is a day for us to recognise the important role of recycling in building a better system of production, consumption and disposal — one that seeks to minimise waste and extend the life of products that are already in circulation. 

For 2021, the theme of Global Recycling Day is #RecyclingHeroes! This theme aims to celebrate and uplift all the people, places, activities and communities that champion innovative recycling practices and habits all around the world.  


Jacinda Ardern Recycling Heroes 2021Jacinda Ardern Recycling Heroes 2021

Recycling Heroes of 2021

The world’s unsung #RecyclingHeroes will be celebrated in several categories: World Leaders, Activists, Rising Youth Stars, Towns, Cities and Businesses. On March 18th, 10 winners will be announced as the 2021 #RecyclingHeroes and awarded US$500. 

There are so many #RecyclingHeroes that deserve celebrating, for example: 

  • World Leaders such as Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand), Justin Trudeau (Canada) and Carlos Alvarado Quesada (Costa Rica),
  • Activists such as Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough and Natalie Fee,
  • Businesses such as TerraCycle, Subaru and Fjällräven,
  • Cities such as Leeds, San Francisco and Vancouver!
Australian War On WasteAustralian War On Waste

Plastic Waste & Recycling in Australia

We all know about the importance of recycling, but unfortunately, plastic pollution is still a very big problem in Australia. Recently, we had a lovely customer ask about the percentage of recyclable plastics that actually end up being recycled. It’s a good question!

Well, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:  

  • Households were the largest contributor of plastic waste, generating around 47% (1.2 million tonnes) in 2018-2019. 
  • Of this, only 9% was sent for recycling (227,000 tonnes), while 84% was sent to landfill (2.1 tonnes). 
  • Out of all this plastic waste, a massive 32% consisted of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) — a recyclable material usually used to make detergent, bleach, shampoo, conditioner and milk bottles.
  • Around 58% of plastic and 23% of glass packaging is placed in the wrong kerbside bin, meaning it usually ends up in landfill.
Australia's waste problemAustralia's waste problem

Australia needs to get better at recycling

According to recycling company, SUEZ: 

  • Producing plastics from recycled materials saves approximately 88% of the energy required to make plastic from raw materials (coal/oil/gas). 
  • The energy saved by recycling one plastic drink bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes. Cool, right?

Plus — did you know that each year, recycling saves over 700 million tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere. This number is projected to increase to 1 billion tonnes by 2030! 

Reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions is the key to mitigating the worst impacts of climate change. Tackling plastic pollution and climate change requires a circular economy or closed-loop system. This means that products are designed to be reused, repurposed, and recycled! 

Flora & Fauna Recycle & Save ProgramFlora & Fauna Recycle & Save Program

Flora & Fauna Recycling Program

To promote recycling in a closed-loop system, we work with TerraCycle to bring you a unique recycling program! 

Do you ever finish using a makeup or beauty tube and think, “how on Earth do I dispose of this?” You’re not alone! Sometimes it’s really tricky to figure out how to dispose of beauty packaging. Our recycling program aims to tackle this exact issue. 

By returning your beauty packaging to us, we will collate, separate and send the contents off to TerraCycle for recycling. You’ll also receive an AUD$10 credit to your Flora & Fauna account for being a fabulous, eco-friendly human being! 

What can I recycle with F&F?

We accept plastic makeup and skincare containers, toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner bottles, razor handles, floss containers and anything else beauty/body related that is in plastic packaging. 

With your beauty products, TerraCycle gives them a second life by melting the plastic and re-moulding them into new recycled products, such as bench seats, chairs, and tables. You can also…  


We do not accept non-plastic waste, menstrual cups, cloth pads or nappies, blades/cartridges, bamboo toothbrushes or actual dental floss, glass, soft plastic packaging, used face sheet masks, paper, cardboard or tin/aluminium.

Here is everything you need to know about Flora & Fauna’s Recycling Program

Want to learn even more about recycling? Head to Global Recycling Day to explore a huge range of resources, activities and innovative solutions. Make sure you check out the inspiring stories of the world’s #RecyclingHeroes! 

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