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Are you creating your sustainable home? You may have got the perfect eco laundry, kitchen and bathroom. But what about your bedroom?

We probably spend more time in our rooms than anywhere else in the house and that's mostly because of the time we spend sleeping. This is why we tend to splurge on comfort and maybe forget about what materials we are bringing into our room.

So where's the fine line? We want comfort but we also want to make sustainable choices at an affordable price. Ettitude's founder and CEO, Phoebe Yu created ettitude to tackle just this.

Read on to find out a little more about Ettitude and how you can create your sustainable bedroom at an affordable price.

Ettitude Bamboo Double Duvet Set in Earthen Sand made from Organic Bamboo LyocellEttitude Bamboo Double Duvet Set in Earthen Sand made from Organic Bamboo Lyocell

Image: Ettitude

 About Ettitude

A more comfortable world starts with an eco-attitude. Ettitude creates beautiful bedding and accessories out of bamboo, which is both gentle on our skin and great for the planet.

Their innovative CleanBamboo fabric is soft like silk, breathable like cotton, cooling and hypoallergenic.

When compared to cotton, their signature sheet set uses 500x less water and creates 52% less carbon emissions. Their fabric is produced in a closed-loop system that recycles and reuses water up to 200 times, recycling 98% of water in the process. 70% of the bamboo ettitude harvests are used to create fiber, and the remaining 30% is composted. Ettitude seeks out ways to minimize waste, such as utilizing fabric offcuts to create packaging for its products and from this year onwards, they plan to eliminate all virgin plastics from packaging.

Ettitude Duvet Cover Grey - DoubleEttitude Duvet Cover Grey - Double

Image: Ettitude

How It All Started

Ettitude all started when Phoebe was shopping for a new home after moving to Melbourne, Australia in 2012. She was disappointed with the bedding selection and struggled to find quality fabrics that were both environmentally friendly and affordable.

It was here, that she saw an opportunity within the bedding market to create sustainable comfort for less. After years of testing materials, she launched ettitude’s innovative CleanBamboo in 2014, creating one of the most sustainable textile materials of the 21st century and the world's first CleanBamboo fabric. It opened up a whole new category of revolutionary fabrics that’s breathable, hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating, and 100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

Ettitude Duvet Cover Grey - DoubleEttitude Duvet Cover Grey - Double

Image: Ettitude

Bamboo Bedding

The organic bamboo material used for their bedding is beautiful. It's breathable, soft, helps you to stay cool, is antimicrobial and is moisture wicking. This means it pulls moisture away from you to the fabric where it evaporates.

It is one of the softest fabrics we've felt and has a real sense of luxury. The silky feel, is more cooling on the skin than cotton and offers many of the same beauty benefits to hair and skin as silk. Their smooth-textured bamboo lyocell Pillowcases help to protect your skin from unwanted creases, and your hair from external stress and friction. 

All of their Bedding Products come in fabric drawstring bags that are made with fabric cut-offs. They are quite multipurposed and are great for packing toiletries when travelling, storing fresh produce etc. 

Ettitude Sleep Shirt Feather WhiteEttitude Sleep Shirt Feather White

Image: Ettitude

Eco-Friendly Sleep Wear & Accessories

An eco bedroom, just wouldn't be the same without some eco-friendly pyjamas. Comfort is important, we want all the right materials that are going to help us sleep well. 

Ettitude's Bamboo Sleep Shirts are luxurious, soft, silky and smooth. They are great to lounge around at home in. It features long sleeves, a button down front , a front pocket and a curved hemline. These pyjamas are breathable and lightweight so you can wear all year round. 

If you want anuniterrupted sleep, try their Organic Bamboo Eye Masks. These masks help block out light, are soft and cushiony on the face and are great for home or travel.

The reliance on cotton has been such a huge issue. It contaminates fresh water and is considered the largest user of water among all agricultural commodities, ultimately harming our environment and people. With ettitude's sustainable bedding options, we can have affordable and comfortable bedding with minimal environmental impacts.

Bamboo lyocell is an eco-friendly, and cruelty free option to silk, but has all the same benefits. Shop the Ettitude range here.

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