Getting Started With Essential Oils

Nov 01, 2019by Olivia - F&F

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Using essential oils aromatically and topically can produce a wide range of benefits, but getting started can be a little confusing!

There are over 90 commonly used essential oils on the market; all boasting an array of different uses and health benefits.

It’s important to mention that essential oils may not be a miracle cure for a particular ailment, but when used as a complementary therapy and positive addition to your lifestyle, you are likely to reap the full benefits. If you’re curious about using essential oils, keep on reading to find out more!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the concentrated liquids extracted from trees, seeds, shrubs, flowers, and roots through the process of distillation. When processed properly, essential oils should only contain aromatic plant compounds without any additives or synthetic oils. Here at Flora & Fauna, we only stock the highest quality essential oils and diffusers from brands like ECO. Modern EssentialsRawwThe ANSC, and Black Chicken Remedies

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to alleviate certain ailments and boost health benefits. Essential oils used in aromatherapy trigger responses in the brain that can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, balance out hormone levels, aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, relieve headaches, and bouts of nausea and improve quality of sleep. Sounds great, right?

Essential oils around the home

Essential oils aren’t just used for aromatherapy – in fact, when used in DIY recipes, they can be used in different ways around the home and for personal use. You can make your own cleaning solution, air freshener, bug repellent, hand sanitizer and laundry detergent. For personal use, you can create your own deodorant, body lotion, toothpaste, sugar scrubs, and soothing balms!

Now that you know why and how you should use them, you’re probably wondering – how do I choose the right ones for me? Well, it depends on what you want them for! Here are ten popular essential oils and their primary uses:

  • Peppermint: Used to boost energy and help with digestion
  • Lavender: Used for stress relief and better sleep
  • Sandalwood: Used to calm nerves and help with focus
  • Bergamot: Used to reduce stress and improve skin conditions like eczema
  • Rose: Used to improve mood and reduce anxiety
  • Chamomile: Used for improving mood and relaxation
  • Ylang-Ylang: Used to treat headaches, nausea and skin conditions
  • Tea Tree: Used to fight infections and boost immunity
  • Jasmine: Used to help with depression, childbirth, and libido
  • Lemon: Used to aid digestion, mood, headaches and more

As you can see, these little bottles of goodness boast so many different benefits! There are also countless ways to blend your essential oils to complement your mood or relieve a certain ailment.

Feeling sluggish and needing mental clarity? Try diffusing Peppermint, Cedarwood or Lemon. Need to relax and get a good night’s sleep? Try diffusing Lavender, Sandalwood or Jasmine. Feeling stiff and need to boost circulation? Try diffusing Ginger, Black Pepper or Cinnamon. Experiencing inflammation or irritation? Try diffusing Chamomile, Neroli or Rose.

Or, you can try the ECO. Essential Oil Trios! These handy little packs come with three essential oils for your specific needs – Clarity & Focus, Deep Sleep, Calm & Destress, Fight The Flu, Scents Of Summer, and Travel Essentials.

For a starter kit for beginners, we recommend the ECO. Aromatherapist Essentials Box. A collection of 12 best-selling oils, packaged in a beautiful wooden box to start you on your aromatherapy journey!

What about diffusers and carrier oils?

To reap the full benefits of aromatherapy, you will need a diffuser. Here at Flora & Fauna, one of our absolute favourites is the beautiful Eco. Aroma Mistique Ceramic Mist Diffuser. This ceramic diffuser disperses a fine mist of tiny essential oil molecules into the air and also has lighting to complement it. Fill the tank with water, a few drops of essential oils, connect to power and go!

Carrier oils are necessary for making your own massage oils and blends – they help to dilute the potent essential oil, making it safe to apply to the skin. Add approximately 1-2 drops of your essential oil to 5ml of the ECO. Sweet Almond Carrier Oil or the ECO. Jojoba Carrier Oil to dilute safely. The oils from The ANSC are already blended with a carrier oil for ease of use.

Before you go – not sure what essential oils are safe to use when pregnant or around pets? Check out Essential Oils During Pregnancy and Essential Oils And Your Pets for more information.

We hope you enjoy your essential oils journey.

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