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May 20, 2018by F&F

Making the switch to a natural deodorant can be a challenging and sensitive transition. Whether the decision is due to negative reactions to ingredients in mainstream products, or a conscious effort to avoid harsh chemicals let's help you get started.


Let’s first consider the two main categories we’re working with to reduce underarm odour and aid us in feeling fresh throughout the day: antiperspirants and deodorants.

Antiperspirants stop you sweating by plugging the sweat glands with ingredients such as aluminium (which has been linked to several negative health effects). By preventing the production of sweat, the antiperspirant reduces the food the bacteria in your underarms eat which is the cause and source of the smell (sweat is actually odourless!) So if there is no food for the bacteria, then there is no smell.

Deodorants work differently as they do not prevent the sweating as such, rather they work to counteract the smell of the sweat. Chemical antimicrobial agents in mainstream deodorants such as triclosan and talc, make the environment the bacteria live in inhospitable e.g. too salty or acidic, resulting in less bacteria to eat the sweat so again, less smell is produced.

It is important to understand what we’re using on our skin as it breathes and ingests all that is applied to it. The more you bombard it with ingredients it cannot adequately process (i.e. harsh chemicals), the more harm is being done. Swapping deodorants is a great way to make a big change health-wise without breaking the bank.


An absolute favourite here at F&F is the Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Pastes. An innovative alternative to antiperspirants and mainstream deodorants as they are formulated without chemicals to neutralise underarm odour without stopping the sweat glands from doing their job i.e. dispelling toxins from your body. The deodorant pastes contain only natural ingredients and, based on all the incredible feedback by users, it works just as well as clinical strength options, but without the harmful nasties!


Product spotlight - The Black Chicken Remedies Deodorant Pastes contain essential oils that are harnessed for their antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, which neutralises and eliminates odour. The added powders and clays within the formulations assist the absorption of moisture, they do not stop you from sweating (which as we’ve highlighted is a good thing as only aluminum can do that), but they do keep you feeling drier. Black Chicken Remedies offer customers two variations of their axilla deodorant paste, Original and Sensitive. The sensitive deodorant is a brilliant alternative for those who would rather opt out from using bicarb soda, an ingredient used for neutralising odour, however can cause irritation for some. The innovative sensitive formulation contains remedies that neutralise odour as well as natural ingredients rich in lipids and fatty acids that helps strengthen and boost the barrier of the skin, reducing sensitivity and/or irritation.

When using either product, less is always more. Both pastes are made without water or fillers, and so the formulations are highly concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way! Swipe a pea-sized amount onto a fingertip and gently apply to the entire armpit until it absorbs completely.


Brand spotlight - Australian owned, Black Chicken Remedies was created by Chey Birch who began experimenting with aromatherapy over 28 years ago in Bondi, Australia. All Black Chicken Remedies products are hand-made with only natural ingredients, so you will never find any parabens, petrochemicals or artificial ingredients in any of their products. The brand is proudly cruelty free!

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