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Apr 14, 2022by Olivia - F&F

A variety of beautiful children’s books have just landed at Flora & Fauna! If you have a little reader in your life, allow them to explore the wonders of the Earth and spark their curiosity for the world around them through these fun, educational books. At F&F, we have a broad range of children's books for ages 3+ — take a look at our favourites!

Incredible Animals Children's BookIncredible Animals Children's Book


Kids love learning about animals; their sounds, behaviours, their habitats — and  the strongest, smartest and fastest!

Incredible Animals (Dunia Rahwan) — This beautifully-illustrated book is packed with fascinating information about animals from all around the world, including the top predators, expert builders, and weird and wacky animals living in the wild.

The March Of The Ants (Ursula Dubosarsky) — This book follows an expedition of ants who all bring something important with them, but it’s the smallest ant who teaches the others an important lesson. 

Just One Bee (Margrete Lamond & Anthony Bertini) — This book is a story of hope, determination and never giving up! 

Water: A Deep Dive of Discovery Children's BookWater: A Deep Dive of Discovery Children's Book


From the unknown depths of the deep blue sea, to the mysteries that lie beyond the stars — these books are guaranteed to spark children’s curiosity about the world!

Water: A Deep Dive of Discovery (Christy Mihaly) — Readers will learn the importance of water to all life on Earth. 

Our Environment: Everything You Need To Know (Jaques Pasquet & Yves Dumont) — This book takes a back-to-basics approach to help kids understand the environment and elements like water, air, soil, energy, and climate.

Sky Gazing (Meg Thacher) — This richly illustrated book with a glow-in-the-dark cover guides readers through Earth's solar system, the galaxy and deep space! 

Planet Power: Explore the World’s Renewable Energy Children's BookPlanet Power: Explore the World’s Renewable Energy Children's Book

Renewable Energy

For kids, learning about electricity and how it’s generated is incredibly important. After reading these books, they’ll understand that clean energy can be generated from the sun, wind, and waves! 

Planet Power: Explore the World’s Renewable Energy (Stacy Clark) — This book will teach young readers about six renewable energy technologies that are used around the world and their benefits, including solar, wind and hydropower!

Catch The Wind, Harness The Sun (Michael J. Caduto) — This book features over 20 fun activities and experiments for kids to engage with making and using renewable energy, with projects ranging from using the sun to make fires, to charging electronic devices with a bike.

Meatless? A Fresh Look At What You Eat Children's BookMeatless? A Fresh Look At What You Eat Children's Book

Eco Education 

These fun, educational books will help young children to understand that their actions have an impact on the planet, and encourage them to make greener choices!

Save The Planet: Plastic (Daco's Confetti) — With this book, young readers can use the turning wheel on each page to work out which items need to be recycled; helping them to make the right choice at home.

Planet Rescue (Patrick George) — This interactive book inspires young eco-warriors with clear, colourful illustrations of small actions we can take to make our world a greener place. 

Meatless? A Fresh Look At What You Eat (Sarah Elton) — Readers learn about vegetarianism and why people choose it! 

We’re so excited to bring you these brand new children’s books! Educating young kids about the world around them is so important; knowing that their actions have an impact on the Earth will enable them to make greener choices as they grow into teenagers and young adults!

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