Fall In Love With INIKA Organic’s NEW High-Performing Products & Premium Packaging!

Apr 08, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Australia’s favourite organic makeup and skincare brand has a sophisticated new look, a new collection of high-performing products, and a stronger focus on sustainable practices. It’s an all-new era for INIKA Organic!

INIKA Organic Radiant Glow VeilINIKA Organic Radiant Glow Veil

INIKA Organic’s New Packaging Is Sleek, Modern & Minimalistic

We’re in love with INIKA Organic’s brand new packaging! At first glance, you can see that the entire collection of makeup and skincare products are enveloped in warm, shiny copper tones, silky matte charcoal greys, and thin, minimalistic text. It’s utterly gorgeous. It looks and feels high-end, and it’s 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and planet-friendly.

INIKA’s brand refresh also extends beyond the visual aspects of the packaging. On every product, INIKA is helping to educate you on their brand, values, certifications — and, importantly — the ingredients you’re putting on your face! 

Their distinctive brand statement (Pure. Natural. Flawless.) is included, as well as their simple Hero Ingredients, Certification stamps, and list of easy-to-read ingredients.

Inika Organic New Makeup Packaging LipstickInika Organic New Makeup Packaging Lipstick

INIKA Organic’s New Makeup Products 

To coincide with INIKA Organic’s new packaging launch, they’ve also released a collection of brand new makeup and skincare products. We’re so excited to stock them!

One of INIKA’s best-selling products has a brand new formula, which delivers higher coverage, smoother application, and increased staying power. That’s right — it’s the INIKA Baked Mineral Foundation! This gorgeous, soft-touch foundation contains anti-ageing and skin-loving ingredients like Magnolia Bark (to counteract redness), vegan Squalene (to soothe skin and minimise age spots) and Sugar Cane (to assist cell renewal for youthful, glowing skin!). 

Another favourite — the INIKA Full Coverage Concealer — has a new formulation that’s smoother and creamier. Effortlessly cover up blemishes, dark circles, and pigmentation.

INIKA Organic Phytofuse Renew™ Eye Cream INIKA Organic Phytofuse Renew™ Eye Cream

INIKA Organic’s New Skincare Products

INIKA’s new skincare packaging is incredibly beautiful and minimalistic! Aside from the re-launch of their much-loved skincare products, which are housed in the beige/pink glass jars and sugarcane tubes, we also have the new INIKA Organic Hydrating Toning Mist.

This gorgeous toning mist is a must-have to achieve fresh, luminous skin. This ultra-fine, quick-spritz mist contains Rose Water (to soothe and balance skin), Natural AHA’s (to encourage cell turnover), and Jojoba and Aloe Vera (to nourish, brighten and soften skin). 

Want to take care of your lashes and brows, too? INIKA Organic’s new Lash & Brow Serum supercharges growth, thanks to a blend of hair strengthening and growth enhancing botanicals. It's also dual-ended for precise application!

Inika Organic New Skincare PackagingInika Organic New Skincare Packaging

INIKA Organic’s New Sustainable Packaging

INIKA’s Organic’s new makeup and skincare packaging isn’t just beautiful — it’s sustainable, too! The new packaging is made with a mix of sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable or made from recycled sources.

The new range uses sugarcane tubes, recyclable aluminium, recyclable cardboard boxes, glass jars/bottles, vegan bristles on makeup brushes, brush handles made from fermented corn and cassava, and post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). Using PCR helps to reduce the amount of new plastic created from virgin sources and keeps existing plastic in circulation. 

90% of INIKA’s new packaging is made from sustainable and reused materials, which we love! They’ve also worked hard to minimise their virgin plastic use by 84% (8.1 tonnes to 1.3 tonnes). Amazing, right?

Inika Organic Waste Revolution Plastic NeutralInika Organic Waste Revolution Plastic Neutral

INIKA Organic Is Now Certified Plastic Neutral!

Did you know that INIKA Organic is the world’s first makeup brand to be Certified Plastic Neutral by Waste Revolution? Waste Revolution helps brands like INIKA Organic to measure, reduce and offset their plastic use. It also means that for every kilo of plastic that INIKA puts into the environment, one kilo is collected and recycled on their behalf by Waste Revolution. 

Some of the plastic is also donated to Plastic Forests and BlazeAid, who use it to make and donate plastic posts and garden stakes to Aussie farmers who have been devastated by bushfires and droughts. 

We know that 350 million tonnes of plastic enters landfill every year, and 120 billion units of beauty packaging are produced every year. As a company that cares for our planet, INIKA Organic wants to be part of the solution! 

We’re blown away by INIKA Organic’s stunning brand refresh! INIKA’s new focus on premium, elegant, and sustainable packaging signifies a new era for this much-loved brand. 

We love that in the natural, vegan and cruelty-free makeup market — we can still spoil ourselves with high-end, luxurious makeup that doesn’t cost the Earth! 

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