Discovering Eye of Horus Bio Lipsticks

May 01, 2020by Julie - F&F
Eye of Horus Cruelty Free CosmeticsEye of Horus Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Eye of Horus Cosmetics has harnessed ancient beauty formulations tried, tested and loved by Goddesses past. 

Their iconic logo takes its inspiration from the Eye of Horus symbol, represented by the kohl-rimmed eyes of the ancient Egyptians, who wore eye makeup because they believed it offered magical powers and protection as well as being a statement of beauty.

They catapulted to cult stardom due to their high performing, long-wearing and low sensitising eye products, and soon after their nourishing lip range.

Speaking of lips! Their decadent Bio Goddess Lipstick Range is inspired by a curation of the most empowering ancient Goddesses. Each shade aligns with and embodies the qualities that Goddess brought to their communities, and we can wear their shade to empower ourselves and serve as a reminder of the Goddess within.


These lipsticks are a lusciously satin blend of lip moisturising ingredients sourced from nature to nurture and plump lips. Shades range from the perfect nude to the ultimate classic red and our favourite part - 100% vegan and 98% organic origin!


They contain a blend of lip moisturising superfoods of:

  • Dictyoperis Oil - Made from marine algae known for its plumping and restructuring effect on lips. 
  • Natural Oils and Esters - including Sunflower, Castor and Olive oils plus Natural Vit C for a glossy hydration effect.

 Nourishing Waxes - Including Candelilla and Carnauba for creamy soft nurturing finish.


The innovative Eye of Horus team created this lipstick collection with sustainability and our Mother Earth in mind. Paired with its clean ingredients, their packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable - FSC approved – yay! The plastic mechanism is cosmetic grade plastic and it is safe for recycling, along with the cardboard and foil stamping. If you can't recycle the plastic mechanism locally recycle with us and our Recycling Scheme


Key Features:

  • Organic & natural ingredients
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Creamy, soft, nourishing finish
  • Contains sea botanicals and natural oils and esters to produce a plumping effect and provide hydration
  • Packaged in eco-friendly recyclable, biodegradable card containers.

“We are forever inspired by Goddesses past, after all - they are the epitome of true wisdom in beauty. Everything we create is a delicate harmony of their ancient formulations and naturally derived ingredients to offer modern, cruelty-free, luxury cosmetics to Awaken the Goddess Within.” – Eye of Horus Cosmetics

You can shop Eye of Horus at Flora & Fauna. 

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