Everything You Need To Know About Safety Razors

Apr 14, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Are you looking to reduce your waste with your beauty and bathroom products? Never fear, the Safety Razor is here! 

Once upon a time, safety razors were the hip thing everyone was using to shave. As the times changed, disposable razors were introduced and people’s lack of confidence using safety razors was noticeable. Fast forward to now, people have recognised the many benefits of the safety razor; they're better for the environment, our wallets and our skin. Using a safety razor is definitely not as scary as you may think. Once you know how to use them properly, you’ll never want to go back to a disposable razor again! 

Green + Kind Reusable Safety Razor - SilverGreen + Kind Reusable Safety Razor - Silver

Benefits Of Using Safety Razors 

Here are 4 amazing benefits for using Safety Razors!

  • No Razor Burn — Unlike disposable razors that can still be used when blunt, safety razor blades must always be sharp. The sharper and cleaner the blades, the better they are for your skin.
  • Saves You Money — you will save an estimated $200 each year with safety razors
  • Kinder To The Planet — 2 billion disposable razors are thrown away each year. Safety Razors are made from stainless steel and are recycable. 
  • Produces A Seriously Close Shave — A single blade from the safety razors gets the job done all in one go. 
Green + Kind Reusable Safety Razor - GreenGreen + Kind Reusable Safety Razor - Green

How To Change Your Razor Blades | Green + Kind

Changing the razor blade in your Green + Kind Razor can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be a pro. The most common mistake people make with this razor, is putting the head on upside down when they change it. 

Our top tip is to unscrew the head and set it down as it first appeared on the top of the handle, you will need some attention to detail and concentration for this bit. Once you've twisted the head off the handle, place the blade between the two headpieces and put the head back on the handle. 

For all you visual people, see our instruction video below. 

Parker Safety Razor Rose GoldParker Safety Razor Rose Gold

How To Change Your Razor Blades | Parker Razor

This razor is fairly easy to change the blade. Simple twist the screw on the bottom to open the head like butterfly wings. 

The head will not come off. Carefully lift the blade out and replace with a new blade. 

Screw the bottom to close the top and you're done! 

Again, for those visual people, we've created a little instructional video below. 

Leaf Shave The Leaf Razor GoldLeaf Shave The Leaf Razor Gold

How To Change Your Razor Blades | Leaf Shave

The Leaf Razor - Loading the razor: Open the blade holder by turning the screw counterclockwise. Load one, two, or three blades depending on your preference. Then, fasten the blade holder by turning the screw clockwise. Picking a blade position: Load the top blade only for the mildest shave possible with The Leaf. Adding the middle blade gives you a moderately close shave. Using all three blades delivers the closest shave.

The Twig Razor - Open the blade holder by twisting the bottom of the handle clockwise. Load a single-edge blade into your Twig. Then, secure the blade by twisting the bottom of the handle counterclockwise until finger-tight.

Green + Kind Stainless Steel Safety Razor BladesGreen + Kind Stainless Steel Safety Razor Blades

How Do You Know When To Change Your Razor Blade?

This all depends on how frequently you’re shaving. If you are shaving daily, we recommend you replace them each week, for the best results, otherwise, they can last up to weeks.

Also another great tip is when you can physically start to feel tugging or roughness during the shave, then it's time to change. 

Some good blades to use are our Shark Super Stainless Steel and Chrome Safety Blades, Preserve, Leaf Shave Single Edge Razor Blades and Green + Kind Blades

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Green + Kind Reusable Safety Razor - Rose GoldGreen + Kind Reusable Safety Razor - Rose Gold

How To Shave With A Safety Razor

  1. The first step requires you to lather your skin with lots of soap. We recommend using: ANSC Shaving Soap, ANSC Zinc Soap (for irritated skin types) & Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Soap.
  2.  Next, let the blade do the work. A gentle touch is all it takes for the blade to lift and slice the hairs.
  3.  Remember to use short strokes- Unlike the long strokes you see being used in shaving commercials. Short strokes decrease your chance of nicking yourself and ensure you aren’t missing any sections.
  4. Once finished shaving, rinse your face with water and apply an aftershave balm or moisturiser. We recommend using the Viva La Body After Shave Bar, and Benecos For Men Face and Aftershave Balm. 
5 Star Reviews5 Star Reviews

5-Star Customer Reviews

Green + Kind:

  • 5 Star - Great razor: This razor is amazing. Very easy to use. And the blades last for ever. — Amy.

Parker Safety Razor:

  • 5 Star - So good: Not only it is pretty but works really well ! Can't believe I haven't used it before ! — Helina 

Leaf Shave:

5 Star - Absolutely goregous razor; shaves wonderfully: This razor looks and feels amazing! I was surprised at how small it is, but it is very nicely weighted, easy to hold and use. — Mel


  1. What's the difference between chrome razor blades and stainless steel blades? The stainless steel blades produce a smoothe and close finish. The chrome blades start with a stainless steel base, but are then coated in chrome to help them last longer and give an even smoother shave. 
  2. Is my safety razor going to rust in the shower? We always recommend keeping your razors dry and out of the shower. A hot tip is to shake it dry, not wipe. For extra good care, you may take out the safety blade from the safety razor and have it dry on a shelf.
  3. Which safety razor should I be using? We have found that women prefer longer lighter handles like the Parker Safety Razor 29L to shave their legs more comfortably and men prefer shorter and heavier handles like the Parker Safety Razor 76R for shaving their faces. If you're still not sure what to use, you can check out our blog on which safety razor to choose
  4. How do you change your razor blade? Firstly, make sure you always use a fresh sharp blade! Changing yout razor blade all depends on what brand of razor your have. See above. 
  5. How to dispose razor blades? When you are ready to recycle them talk to your council regarding sharps and metal recycling. 

Safety Razors are for everyone, whether it's for your legs, face, underarms they will definitely do the trick! 

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