Enjoy The Healing Benefits Of Papaya, With P’URE Papayacare!

Feb 04, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Inside all of P’URE Papayacare’s multi-purpose balms and ointments is the amazing healing power of the nutrient-rich Papaya fruit! Let’s take a look at how these organic, Australian-grown Papayas are utilised by naturopaths to create ultra-nourishing, skin-loving products for all of us — including mums and bubs.

Skincare Benefits Of PapayaSkincare Benefits Of Papaya

P’URE Papayacare | The Healing Power Of Papaya

Papaya, or Paw Paw, is a nutrient-rich super fruit with some impressive healing qualities! For over 100 years, the flesh and oils from this tropical fruit have been fermented, blended and applied to dry, cracked skin to soothe and heal. Papaya contains vitamins A, C and E, plus minerals and antioxidants to help restore, moisturise and renew the skin. 

The natural, rejuvenating fruit enzymes found in Papaya help to clear away dry and damaged skin whilst nourishing the skin beneath. It's also great for chapped lips, cracked heels, inflamed skin, minor wounds, scratches, rashes, dry cuticles, as well as scalds, burns and sunburn. But that’s not all! Using Papaya-based products on your skin can provide a boost of moisturise, lift pigmentation, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and treat eczema, psoriasis, melasma, and acne

Pure Papayacare Papaya LipsPure Papayacare Papaya Lips

P’URE Papayacare | Free From Petroleum, Mineral Oil & Preservatives

So, what makes P’URE Papayacare different to other Papaya-loving brands? Well, P’URE Papayacare harnesses the healing power of Papaya in its balms, ointments, lotions, and facial oils — without the nasty chemicals. 

Many conventional Papaya-based products on the market contain Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Sulphates, Fragrances, Preservatives and nasties that can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and suffocate your pores.

P’URE Papayacare’s products are formulated by naturopaths, and they utilise the whole Papaya fruit — including flesh, skin and seeds. The entire Papaya fruit is fermented, meaning your skin will reap the full benefits of the powerful superfruit.

Pure Papayacare Australia PapayaPure Papayacare Australia Papaya

P’URE Papayacare | Organic, Australian-Grown Papaya

Did we mention that P’URE Papayacare’s fruits are grown organically in tropical parts of Queensland? The Papaya fruits sourced by P’URE Papayacare are grown naturally without pesticides, and are never genetically modified. 

To optimise the nutrient content of their products, P’URE Papayacare harvest the Papayas at different stages of ripeness. The carefully sourced fruit pulp is fermented and blended with nourishing, cold pressed Papaya seed oil. 

The end result is a rich, liquid extract derived from both the pulp of Papaya fruit and oil pressed from Papaya seeds. This combination of extracts provides an optimal level of enzymes, vitamins and minerals to promote healthy skin.

Pure Papayacara Bambini Baby AwardsPure Papayacara Bambini Baby Awards

P’URE Papayacare | Best-Selling Balms, Ointments & Baby Products

Here at Flora & Fauna, we stock a wide variety of P’URE Papayacare products, including the best-selling and highly-rated Papaya Ointment, Papaya Lips, Papaya Foot & Heel Balm, and Papaya Skin Food. Many of you love the fact that these products are highly versatile — especially the Multi-Use Papaya Balm.

We also have the widely recognised Papaya Renew Cream, which won Gold and Silver Awards for the Best Must-Have for New Mums, Best Stretch Mark Product and Best Body Lotion at the 2021 Bambini Baby Awards! 

In fact, nine of P’URE Papaycare’s products won Gold, Silver and Bronze awards at the 2021 Bambini Baby Awards

We love that P’URE Papayacare heroes the nutrient-rich, fermented Papaya in all of its products. If you’re a parent with a new bub, definitely read more about P'URE Papayacare's success Winning 9 Awards At The 2021 Bambini Baby Awards — and find out which products were voted as absolute must-haves for parents!

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