Drink The Rainbow With, Tea Tonic!

Jul 08, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Tea lovers unite for Tea Tonic — Australia's healthiest, organic tea range!

If you are yet to try one of Tea Tonics unique flavour packed combos, let us tell you that each cup will be sure to satisfy your cravings, broaden your tastebuds and deliver on happiness. 

Follow along, as we take you through how Tea Tonic started, the range of tea flavours available and their fun tools & accessories that you won't want to live without. 

Tea Tonic Deluxe Tea Chest - Gourmet TinTea Tonic Deluxe Tea Chest - Gourmet Tin

About Tea Tonic

Tea Tonic was founded in Melbourne, 1998 by Lisa Hilbert — a huge tea lover, naturopath and herbalist.

Lisa began selling her blends at the local markets. Fast forward to today, Lisa continues to create beautiful teas using raw, natural materials. So what sets Tea Tonic aside from your regular tea? Well Tea Tonic was created with the aim of making your daily cup of tea healthy, fun and interesting. Not to mention, their teas will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and nourished on a cellular level whilst drinking your daily cuppa.

Lets not forget these teas are 100% organic, natural, pure, simple and of course, delicious too!

Tea Tonic Turmeric, Beetroot & Ginger Loose Tea in a Tin Tea Tonic Turmeric, Beetroot & Ginger Loose Tea in a Tin

The Range

Tea Tonic makes every sip special with incorporated goodness. From your classics like: Peppermint Tea, English Breakfast, Green Tea, Earl Grey and Chai Tea, to your health packed herbals — Throat Soother, Longevity, Bright Spark, Relaxation and Wellbeing and some funky flavour combos like — Dark Chocolate & Black Tea, Licorice, White Tea & Rose Petals and Turmeric, Beetroot & Ginger, plus so much more — there's a tea for every taste.

No nasties. No chemicals. Just good vibes and great flavours. What are you waiting for? 

Tea Tonic Rainbow Unicorn Silicone InfuserTea Tonic Rainbow Unicorn Silicone Infuser

Tools & Accessories

Having a friend over for tea? Our beautiful Tea Tonic Glass Teapot is the perfect size for two cups of tea. It includes a tea infuser insert too. Pair this with the Stainless Steel Teapot Warmer and sit your perfectly brewed tea on top.

If you're looking to add a bit of magic and fun to your tea, you'll love the Rainbow Unicorn Infuser. Simply fill with your favourite loose tea, hook over the side of your cup and add hot water. We also have cute Leaf Infusers, or keep it simple with the Stainless Steel Tea Infuser.

To ensure your loose leaf tea stays hot on-the-go,  grab the Thermal Bottle Loose Leaf Tea Infuser. It stays hot for up to 6 hours. Alternatively, the Glass Wine Bottle allows you to enjoy your favourite Tea Tonic Teas cold brewed. We recommend trying it with the Blue Magic colour-changing tea. 

Treat your body and your tastebuds with Tea Tonics Organic Tea range. Available right here at F&F

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