DIY Eco-Friendly Christmas Crafts

Nov 19, 2021by Olivia - F&F

Decorating the house for Christmas doesn't have to be expensive, wasteful or time-consuming — in fact, these DIY eco-friendly Christmas decorations are affordable, low-waste, and super fun to do with kids. So, it’s time to pop on some Christmas tunes, whip out your scissors and get crafty!

DIY Christmas Paper ChainDIY Christmas Paper Chain

DIY Christmas Paper Chains

Christmas paper chains can add an adorable, home-made touch to your Christmas tree or around the home. You can craft these paper chains using leftover wrapping paper, coloured paper, brown kraft paper, old newspapers, or our gorgeous Earth’s Greetings Christmas Wrapping Paper.

To make your Christmas paper chains, you’ll need: paper, scissors, and a stick of glue. 

  • Cut your paper into equal strips (around 2cm x 15cm).
  • Bend the 1st piece of paper into a loop and overlap the ends
  • Secure with glue and wait for it to dry or to jazz it up, secure with our Earth’s Greetings Washi Tape.
  • Thread the next piece of paper through and create another loop.
DIY Printed Christmas Wrapping PaperDIY Printed Christmas Wrapping Paper

DIY Printed Wrapping Paper

We love the idea of DIY wrapping paper! It’s 100% customisable, super affordable, and it allows you to unleash your creativity. Plus, it adds a really personal touch.

To begin, you’ll need blank wrapping paper. We recommend brown kraft paper, which you can purchase pretty inexpensively. Next, you’ll need some decorative elements:

  • Paint, pencils, textas, or our non-toxic Kids Eco Crayons.
  • Stencils (try Christmas cookie cutters!) or stamps
  • Natural or coloured twine
  • Christmas Gift Tags or homemade gift tags
  • Sprigs of rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender or holly

You can keep it super minimal or unleash your creativity.

DIY Christmas Origami StarsDIY Christmas Origami Stars

DIY Origami Stars

Looking for a bit of a crafty challenge? These DIY origami stars make beautiful Christmas tree decorations — or you can string them up into a garland, stick them on your windows, place them around the house, or use them as mini gift tags. These origami stars can be crafted from any type of paper, but we think they’d look beautiful with the Earth’s Greetings Christmas Wrapping Paper!

There are several ways to make these origami stars, but we like this video/photo tutorial by Homemade Gifts Made Easy. It might seem complicated at first, but this tutorial has super clear and straightforward instructions — it comes together perfectly at the end! Plus, once you’ve crafted your stars, you can carefully store them and bring them out year after year.

DIY Native Christmas WreathDIY Native Christmas Wreath

DIY Native Flora Christmas Wreath

Last but not least, we have something a little bit different — a DIY native Christmas wreath! This gorgeous Christmas wreath by Swallows Nest Farm is an absolute showstopper. 

Now, to recreate this DIY native wreath, you’ll need a 12" floral foam wreath pre-soaked in water. You can typically find these foam wreaths at floral supply stores or craft stores. In this tutorial, Grace used sprigs of myrtle beech, fir, wax flower, Leucadendron Maui Sunset, Leucospermum Scarlet Ribbons, Leucadendron Jubilee Crown, dolly bush, holly, and gum nuts — but, you can use whatever is available to you. 

The trick is to work in layers and slowly fill in the gaps. Cut your sprigs on a sharp angle to jab them into the foam securely. Make sure all your sprigs are sweeping in the same direction — but the more rustic looking, the better!

Will you try any of these DIY eco-friendly Christmas crafts? If you do, make sure you share a photo and tag us @floraandfaunau. We’d love to see your spin on these classic festive crafts!

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