Compost Connect | Tackling Food Waste In Australia’s Foodservice Industry

Dec 31, 2021by Olivia - F&F

Australia’s first national composting network, Compost Connect, is tackling the foodservice industry’s waste crisis — one connection at a time!

Australian Food Waste Statistics Compost ConnectAustralian Food Waste Statistics Compost Connect

Tackling One Million Tonnes Of Food Waste

Every year, Australia’s foodservice industry creates one million tonnes of organic waste; roughly the same weight as 19 Sydney Harbour Bridges. Unfortunately, less than 8% of the organic waste generated by the hospitality sector is recycled.

Compost Connect — Australia’s first national composting network — is on a mission to transform food waste into nutrient-rich compost. The platform connects restaurants, bars, cafes and food retailers to compost pickup services. 

In a few short months, the initiative has gained support from high-profile chef, Neil Perry, ‘Re’ bartender, Matt Whiley, and Auckland-based restauranteur, Nic Watts. At the helm of Compost Connect is Australian sustainable packaging company, BioPak, and the Australasian Bioplastics Association.

How Does Compost Connect WorkHow Does Compost Connect Work

How Does Compost Connect Work?

Compost Connect creates mutually beneficial partnerships between ‘Compost Club Members’ and ‘Compost Partners’ — essentially, it links hospitality businesses to their nearest composting service! Since launching in May, Compost Connect has launched the network in more than 2,200 postcodes, signed up 200+ Compost Club Members, and diverted more than 4,500 tonnes of organics from landfill. Impressive, right?

As a business owner, you can easily find a local composting service by entering your postcode on the Compost Connect website. Once you’ve chosen your preferred composting partner, submitted your business details, and agreed to a pickup schedule — all you need to do is fill up your compost bins! Plus, the network helps individuals to identify and support nearby Compost Club Members.

Neil Perry Matt Whiley Compost ConnectNeil Perry Matt Whiley Compost Connect

Here’s Why Neil Perry & Matt Whiley Are Backing Compost Connect!

Prominent Australian chef, Neil Perry, is using Compost Connect’s services for his brand new sustainability-focused restaurant, Margaret. He believes that this initiative is going to change how the foodservice industry operates for the better.

“As a country, we need to re-think our processes and start thinking of the bigger picture. We need to work together to address the problem, reduce organic waste and contribute to achieving a better society for future generations,” said Perry.

Compost Connect is also backed by global bar consultant and bartender, Matt Whiley, who’s using the initiative for his Sydney-based zero-waste bar, Re. “We’ve developed Re with an overriding commitment to sustainability with a minimal-waste mentality — so this new composting network is great."

Compost Connect Compost Club MembersCompost Connect Compost Club Members

Why Become A Compost Club Member?

Is your hospitality business struggling with food waste disposal? Or, perhaps you’re cringing at the level of food waste at your place of work. Whatever the case — why not become a compost club member with Compost Connect? Compost Connect currently has 18 fantastic compost partners, which offer organic waste pickups in 2,200+ suburbs across Australia and New Zealand. 

Did you know that an average-sized cafe can divert around 150kg of organics from landfill every week with Compost Connect? That’s 7,800 kgs per year, which creates around 5,460 kgs of nutrient-rich compost! 

Becoming a Compost Club Member isn’t just good for the environment, it’s helpful for your customers, too. 

Compost Connect is such an impressive initiative! For BioPak CEO, Gary Smith, the goal to halve Australia’s food waste by 2030 is within reach. “It’s time that businesses collaborate together to overcome the challenges to create a circular and sustainable economy, and we believe that this network can help achieve this vision,” he said.  

To learn more about this growing network and how you can get involved as a foodservice business, composting service, or individual — please visit the Compost Connect website, or watch this fantastic FAQ video narrated by the one-and-only, Neil Perry!

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