7 Amazing Memories in 7 Years

Nov 08, 2021by Julie - F&F

Today, November 8th, is Flora & Fauna’s birthday and in 2021 we turned 7.

We have achieved a lot in the last 7 years and it has been an amazing journey, and definitely not an easy one at times - starting and building your own business rarely is. When I started F&F I wanted to drive change and we’ve definitely done a bit of that. So here are 7 awesome memories from the last 7 years. There are many so this is just 7, with maybe a bonus one...

Our First OrderOur First Order

The First Order

Probably one of the most vivid memories for me is the first order that came through. There is a huge amount of buzz when you're in the throws of building a business before you launch it. It’s exciting and all-consuming. Then you launch and crickets.... until you get that magical first order. We spent a good half-hour picking and packing it to make sure it was just right. It was packed with so much love. In that order, we wrote a little note and we haven’t stopped since.

We love our marketsWe love our markets


From the very first expo which was a disaster to all the other ones we’ve done since, Tom and I have loved markets, events, and expos and getting in front of customers. From my first job in retail at 16 I have always loved talking to customers and our community and this is an important part of any business. We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our events from the Sydney Vegan Market to the Adelaide Night Market, World Vegan Day, Eco Expo, and lots more all around the country. They have been an important part of what we’ve done at F&F.

Plastic Free PackagingPlastic Free Packaging

A Lightbulb Moment

in 2016 we made the move to plastic-free packaging. It was Plastic Free July and I was looking at what we did and we used Aus Post satchels so we stopped. It was a trial initially and then that kept going. Then we introduced a tiny tickbox at checkout for minimal packaging so no extras. That was a key turning point for us in driving change as we saw the quick uptake. Customers were telling us they wanted less. In 2017 we launched a recycling program and we're now processing thousands of boxes of recycling a month. We also became a B Corp in 2017 and in 2021 recertified with a higher score!

Where Pigs Fly Farm SanctuaryWhere Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary

Where Pigs Fly

When I started F&F a big driver was my love for animals and passion for better animal welfare. F&F started as a cruelty-free beauty store because no animal should be harmed for our vanity. I really wanted to partner with an animal sanctuary where we could make a meaningful difference. I came across Deb and Jamie from Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary that had started at a similar time to F&F. In May 2017 we took a trip to Where Pigs Fly to visit them and their beautiful residents. It's not often you get a piggy welcome and goodbye. I knew straightaway they were the right partner for us to support and work with.

The Store LaunchThe Store Launch

Our Customers

Our customers, you, are the reason we’re here. I have so many fond memories from Elizabeth in the very early days, who I talked to weekly and kept her across the latest amazing skincare, to the many customers who have contacted us thanking us for helping them make a few different choices and supporting them, never judging. One recent letter was from a beautiful woman reaching out about her journey and experience with Down Syndrome. F&F has always been so much more than a business to me, it's a way for us to engage and help each other. It's a platform for purpose.  

The F&F StoreThe F&F Store

Our First Store

I'm a huge believer in stores and physical retail. Humans are social animals and we (generally) enjoy interacting with each other. Given Flora & Fauna is built on being kind, a store was always on the agenda. When we moved to the North Rocks warehouse we put in a store with a glass wall so customers can see into the warehouse and the team can see customers. A truly transparent experience. We launched our store on July 13th 2019 - over 1000 people turned up and there were queues around the car park. An amazing day and now our store is the perfect place to come and say hello in person. 

Moving warehouseMoving warehouse

Galston Growing Up

In 2018 we had grown really quickly so suddenly needed to double the team which we managed to do within a week via a social post. We then realised we had grown out of Galston and we were just too big so we moved to our new warehouse in North Rocks in October of that year. Once Aussie Post had picked up the Friday deliveries we all started packing up. We hired a van and off we went. there was a bit more to it than this but that's the general gist. We took all weekend to get moved and were back up and running by Tuesday. Once we were out of the Galston 'shed' that's when I thought 'Oh wow this is a proper business'.

Since then we have grown our team and we have such a great group of individuals working at F&F. The team is F&F and they treat it like it's their own. 

Winning the Telstra AwardWinning the Telstra Award

Telstra Award

I’m going to put a bonus memory in as it’s very special to me. In 2018 we won the Telstra Business Award for Small Business in NSW. If anyone has ever been exposed to these awards you’ll know a lot of work goes into the entry and the judging process is tough. From over 30,000 entries for NSW we won. It was such an emotional evening for myself, Tom, and the team. I remember walking in and we had a table at the back so I thought there was no chance we'd win. And then we did. Something I will never forget. I also had just found out I was pregnant with Woody which was a very special time for me too. 


We’ve achieved a lot in 7 years and it has flown by. I can’t say thank you enough to the wonderful team and customers who have been on our journey with us. Also a massive thank you to Tom, my husband and partner at F&F. I couldn’t have done any of this without him - he often gets overlooked but he’s the backbone of F&F and together we make an amazing team. Thank you!

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