3 Key Findings From Australia’s Biggest Climate Opinion Poll

Jan 07, 2022by Olivia - F&F

The results are in from Australia’s biggest climate opinion poll! In July 2021, 15,000 Aussies from 151 federal electorates took part in the YouGov survey, which was commissioned by the Australian Conservation Society (ACF). Are you curious about the results? We think you’ll be surprised how Aussies voters are feeling about climate action — especially within your own electorate!

YouGov ACF Climate Opinion PollYouGov ACF Climate Opinion Poll

What Do Australians Think About Climate Action?

The results are in. We, as Australians, are firmly united in our desire for climate action. Amazingly, the majority of voters (67%) in every single federal electorate in Australia — all 151 of them — believe our Federal Government should be doing more to tackle climate change.

Using the multilevel regression with poststratification (MRP) analysis, the retrieved polling data was combined with national census data to create an accurate picture for each federal electorate. The MRP tool was accurately predicted the results of the last UK election, so we know it's reliable.

The poll results reveal a groundswell of voters flagging climate change as a key election issue!

Australian Election Ballot VotingAustralian Election Ballot Voting

Climate Action Will Influence The Next Federal Election

From the results of the YouGov poll, we know that 67% of voters want our Federal Government to take meaningful action on climate change. So, how will this issue impact the voting habits of Australians at the next federal election?

Well, across Australia, roughly 1 in 4 voters (28%) say that climate change is the most important issue to determine their vote at the next federal election. That’s why a massive 67% of voters say that Labor and the Coalition’s plans for climate action will influence their vote at the next election!

Additionally, 1 in 3 voters in inner metro electorates and 1 in 4 voters in rural electorates say climate change is the most important issue for them at the next election.

COP26 Glasgow Climate Change SummitCOP26 Glasgow Climate Change Summit

73% Of Voters Support A Net-Zero Target By 2050, Or Sooner!

Australia is one of the few countries in the world without a net-zero emissions target. Prime Minister Scott Morrison says that he wants Australia to reach net-zero emissions, preferably by 2050. The big problem here is that 2050 is too late. The latest science shows that we need to slash emissions this decade to reach net-zero emissions within the next 15 years. 

Thankfully, the majority (73%) of Australians support a net-zero target before or by 2050, and more than half of voters (61%) support action to cut Australia’s greenhouse emissions by at least half by 2030.

Australia’s friends and allies recognise that our Federal Government isn’t pulling its weight with climate action.

Rural Wind FarmRural Wind Farm

71% Of Voters Do Not Support New Coal & Gas Energy

To combat climate change and create a safer future for all, we know that we need to stop burning coal, oil and gas. Whilst the G7 nations have agreed to end support for new coal projects, it’s evident that our Federal Government does not.

The data reveals that 71% of voters do not believe that new coal or gas power stations should be a priority for the Federal Government. Instead, 70% of voters  — even those in coal-dominated areas — want to see new renewable energy projects built to meet Australia’s future energy needs! 

Voters in QLD's  ‘coal country’ and in the NSW Hunter Valley, believe the government needs to do more, and that coal and gas should not be part of Australia’s future energy supply.

Are you surprised by these stats? We’d love to hear what you think! It’s clear that we, as Australians, are firmly united in our desire for climate action — so let’s make our voices heard in the ballot box at the next federal election. 

To check out the full report and to see how your electorate feels about climate action, head on over to Together We Can for all the details.

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