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Which Bin Liner is For You?

Which Bin Liner is For You?

13th July 2018
By: Julie - F&F

With single-use plastic bags becoming a thing of the past many people are wondering what they use as bin liners. While we are in full-support of looking at alternatives to liners, like newspapers, we’re equally aware that this will not be for everyone. So we’ve put together a guide below detailing our range of compostable bin liners and which bag will work best for your bin.



BioBag is a world leading eco-company focused on creating compostable and biodegradable products. Their primary focus is on using renewable, biodegradable, and compostable raw materials to create eco-friendly products that will help consumers, businesses and industries to reduce and cut down on plastic bag dependency. Their products range from food storage bags to superliners that are thick and durable, ensuring that there is a plastic-free eco bag alternative for almost any bin. Shop BioBag.


The bags are made from a resin (Mater-Bi®) derived from plants, vegetable oils, compostable polymers as well as from GMO free plant starch. BioBag’s unique formulation ensures good ventilation and allows the moisture in the waste to evaporate - this moisture evaporation dries waste out, preventing the contents from rotting, thereby reducing unpleasant odours. The bags are fully compostable within 45 days in a well composting environment.


All that’s left now is to choose your bag: 




BioBag Bag Clams


BioBag Compostable Bin Liners 8 Litre Roll (75 Bags)

The perfect size to line your compost bin or to hang near your kitchen sink, these are the smallest bin bags in the range. We’ve received feedback that they’re a little on the small side but do give a little stretch.


The bags are 38.5cm w x 40.0cm h - Best suited for bins with the approx. dimensions: 23cm w x 18cm d x 21cm h (The BioBag caddy is the perfect size)

BioBag Compostable Bin Liners 10 Litre (25 Bags)

Another brilliant option as a food waste bag, these liners are larger than the 8 L but are still small and convenient to tuck away under your kitchen sink.

  The bags are 43cm w x 45cm h - Best suited for bins with the approx. dimensions: 20cm w x 33cm d x 34cm h


BioBag Compostable Bin Liners 20 Litre (20 Bags)

The 20 L bags have super convenient ‘singlet style’ handles ensuring a quick and easy removal out of the bin. They’re again quite stretchy but still sturdy enough to hold your food waste.

The bags are 41cm w x 54cm h - Best suited for bins with the approx. dimensions: 29cm w x 38 cm d x 38cm h

BioBag Compostable Bin Liners 30 Litre (14 Bags)

BioBag Compostable Bin Liners 30 Litre Roll (25 Bags)

Our most popular bag out of the bunch, available in both 14 bags or 25 bags.

While these liners are thin, we have received such great feedback praising their surprising strength. We still don’t recommend placing any sharp objects when using the liner as the thin material may tear.


The bags are 51cm w x 60cm h - Best suited for bins with the approx. dimensions: 29cm w x 29cm d x 59cm h


BioBag Compostable Superline Bin Liners 35L (40 Bags)

The first size option in the Superline category - These superline liners are thicker and suitable for food waste and light general waste. These waste bags are highly breathable and compostable and help make pre-sorting of food waste easy and hygienic for households.

The bags are 60cm w x 74cm h - Best suited for bins with the approx. dimensions: 35cm w x 38cm d x 68cm h

BioBag Compostable Superline Bin Liners 50L (32 Bags)

Another Superline favourite, these bags are the perfect size for families with those larger food bins.

The bags are 60cm w x 94cm h - Best suited for bins with the approx. dimensions: 40cm w x 40cm d x 73cm h


BioBag Compostable Superline Bin Liners 80L (20 Bags)

The largest BioBag we range, these Superline liners are great for small wheelie bins. Note, the material isn't as thick as regular plastic (they are made from plant material) so you do need to be careful with sharp items.

The bags are 82cm w x 105cm h - Best suited for bins with the approx. dimensions: 44cm w x 51cm d x 82cm h


Let us know your thoughts!

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