The Swag Reusable Bag - Small Aqua

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  • Small Swag Bag

  • Extends the Life of Your Veggies

  • Small: 37cm x 24cm Closed

  • Made from Unbleached Cotton

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The Swag Reusable Veggie Bag in Small to Extend the Life of Your Vegetables.

This small Swag bag is ideal for smaller vegetables such as grapes, several bunches of herbs, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. You can have a combination of fruits, veggies and leafy greens in one Swag.

Small: 37cm x 24cm Closed, 37cm x 38cm Open

These eco-friendly bags work to store and extend the life of your vegetables keeping them crisp and fresh days after being put in the fridge. The Swag is made out of three different/unique layers of 100% natural, unbleached, unseeded cotton. Each of the three layers play a significant role in keeping your fresh produce fresher for much longer.

The Swag comes with only a label and string as packaging. 

Made ethically in India. The manufacturer of The Swag is certified by SEDEX for Ethical Trading practices and SEDEX also review the Supply Chain. SEDEX is an international body empowering sustainable and ethical supply chains

How do they work?

Keeping your fruit and vegetables in a plastic bag is the perfect environment for bacterial growth which increases the rate of decay, and slimyness, of the produce you've just bought. It effectively suffocates in the plastic bag and begins to sweat, wilt, lose it's sweet flavour and tastes, and looks, pretty horrible. 

The Swag changes this; it prevents the need for single use plastic produce bags and maintains the freshness of your veggies in the fridge by allowing them to breathe and rehydrate.   

The Outer Layer: The robust outer layer of The Swag protects your fruit & veggies by preserving the water within the middle layer from drying out too quickly.

The Middle Layer: The thick, absorbent middle layer holds the bulk of the moisture. This layer draws the water away from the fresh produce, yet allows it to hydrate as needed.

The Inner Layer: The inner layer of The Swag provides a dryer protection barrier however as all three layers are permeable, they allow your fruit & veggies to breathe and stay fresher for Longer.

To find out more about your Swag including what veggies to store in it and how to store them download the guide. 

Download Guide.


The Swag is your answer to keeping your veggies fresh in the fridge. It's a reusable storage bag with a unique 3 layer system that provides a breathable environment your veggies love. The Swag comes in three sizes and is made from sustainable cotton.


1. Before you start using your Swag be sure to wash following care instructions on the inside label.

2. For general use, dampen the Swag from the outside and wring out any excess water. Place fruit, vegetables and leafy greens into The Swags.

3. Once your Swags are in use, be sure to wash every two weeks (or as needed) following care label instructions.

4. Put newly purchased fresh produce into a clean Swag. Transfer your older produce into a smaller Swag with a specific colored trim - this way, you’ll always know (for instance) that the red trimmed small Swag has all the older produce that you need to use first.

5. For absolutely best results, cut away any dead or dying ends/bits on your fruit and veggies. If inclined, you can wash your fresh produce first and pat dry before putting into The Swag.

6. When you feel your Swags are starting to dry up sprinkle with water from the outside to replace moisture. This can be done whilst the Swags are in the crisper

7. Make sure you’ve always got a clean and dry spare set of Swags ready to go whist your others are in the wash.

8. To get the most out of your Swags, after every 3rd or 4th wash, sprinkle wet Swags with white vinegar and put on an extra rinse cycle. Vinegar removes soap residue and is a natural sanitizer. Dry out in full sun.

100% natural, unbleached, unseeded cotton

Great Gifts

By: on 8 August 2018
Flora & Fauna have a fantastic range of products. As well as using produce bags ect for myself. I find they are great gifts for the Eco conscious of us out there. My daughter loves her Veggie Swag Bags.

Bread bag

By: on 7 August 2018
These are fantastic this purchase was bread bag number 4, I purchase my sourdough, get the baker to put them in the bag, I can freeze it in the bag, defrost it keep it in the fridge and the bread stays fresh for ages. Love it

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