Keep Updated on COVID-19 and Flora & Fauna


Keep Updated on COVID-19 and Flora & Fauna

Our Purpose & Journey

We are here to help everyone make better choices. We are here to drive change so that all global businesses are ethical, cruelty-free and conscious in every aspect of their business.

We do this by empowering people with knowledge, providing environmental solutions and by only offering products that are vegan, ethically sourced, cruelty-free and low impact. We aim to source affordable and accessible products so that you have a wide choice and range available to you. We create a demand from the ground up, so other brands and retailers change the way they operate to be more conscious.

Our values are to be authentic, transparent, kind, customer-obsessed, and to always make responsible decisions that benefit us and the planet.

Our Journey

We began as a concept in July 2014 and launched our online store in November of that year. We launched with 30 brands and around 500 products, all beauty and skincare. Now we are quite a bit bigger and have added home, fashion, food, and health to the mix. 

Julie founded Flora & Fauna, having spent 20+ years working in retail. Julie's husband Tom quickly joined the team and he runs the Finance and Operations side of the business. Since 2014 the team has grown and we have an inspirational and dedicated team that drive the business forward every day. We remain a privately owned business that is 100% Australian owned and operated. We don't have any investors, so we can remain true to our values and ethics, and be focused on you, our customers, always.

We started our journey in Galston, NSW and stayed there until late 2018. In Galston is Rosie the pig, F&F's ambassador. We grew out of Galston so moved to North Rocks - sadly we couldn't take Rosie with us but she remains happy and full of carrots in Galston. Rosie reminds us everyday how smart pigs and animals are, and how we should cherish and respect them. She inspires us to do better, every single day.

We are very passionate about living ethically, passionate about our environment and about natural alternatives. There aren't enough ethical products, and truly ethical businesses out there, so we've set about changing that to provide you with great choices that are carefully sourced, tried and tested. We like to think that we think like you, and thus give you the best experience possible.

We source the best ethical, eco, organic and vegan skincare, makeup, home, fashion, and lifestyle products out there, whether from Australia or beyond. We have a huge range with over 6000 products, 270+ brands, and absolutely nothing is tested on animals. Not now, not ever. 

"We are very focused on making responsible decisions, our environment and leading the way as a retailer. We believe we have to make changes to help our planet and ourselves, and we are constantly improving what we do."


Key Milestones

In 2016 we removed the use of plastic from all our orders so your boxes are sent naked, using only paper tape. We have saved many, many tonnes of plastic with this one move. You may receive packing peanuts in your order, we prefer to use recycled paper shreddies, but we do use packing peanuts on international and fragile orders. These are made from corn starch, are biodegradable and they dissolve in water.  In our 5+ years of operation, we have never actually purchased any of these, we re-use ones we receive from suppliers to keep waste moving across the planet. All our boxes are recycled and the paper shreddies are made from recycled waste paper. In June 2017 we launched our partnership with TerraCycle so now everything at Flora & Fauna is recyclable. In June 2017 we also started working with Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary, a stunning sanctuary in the Lower Hunter Valley. They rescue farm animals and give them forever homes. 

We are very proud of our partnerships with Sea ShepherdWhere Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary and TerraCycle

In November 2017 we became a BCorp and were one of the first retailers in Australia to achieve this. BCorps are better businesses but certified as such. BCorps believe in using their power to do good. That's what we do. Learn more about how and why we became a BCorp here

We moved warehouse in September 2018 to a much larger place to accommodate the speed at which we were growing. A fantastic move, thankfully just in time for Christmas. At last Aussie Post could get their trucks in to pick up orders. 

In June 2019 we carbon offset all our orders, our operations and even our team's cars. Our entire operation is offset and you know that we have planted trees to get your order to you. Learn more

In July 2019 we opened our first physical store in North Rocks. A very exciting day and we love meeting you so come and check out our store

Our new website launched in October 2019. 

Top Sustainable Retailer | Flora & FaunaTop Sustainable Retailer | Flora & Fauna
Telstra Business Award Winner | Flora & FaunaTelstra Business Award Winner | Flora & Fauna
Responsible Retailer of the Year | Flora & FaunaResponsible Retailer of the Year | Flora & Fauna
Best Small Retailer | Flora & FaunaBest Small Retailer | Flora & Fauna
No. 1 Person in Ecommerce | Flora & FaunaNo. 1 Person in Ecommerce | Flora & Fauna
Best Online Retailer | Flora & FaunaBest Online Retailer | Flora & Fauna

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