Life Cykel

Bee Pollination Grow Kit

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  • Bee Pollunation Grow Kit
  • With Borage & Alyssum Seeds
  • Attracts & Nurtures Bees
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Product Description

Life Cykel Bee Pollination Grow Kit

Life Cykel's Bee Pollination grow kit blossoms into food for our bees. Included in this kit is are a set of 8 compostable paper cups, coffee compost mix and 2 seed sachets. Watch the seeds blossom into beautiful borage and alyssum flowers. These flowers attract and nurture the growth of bees. This kit has been put together at the Byron Bay Herb Nursery, who has teamed up with Life Cykel to promote and educate about the importance of bees. 

A Story by Cultural Ambassador/Indigenous Creative Chief John Smith Gumbula:

"GUKU Honey Dreaming"

For thousands of years Aboriginal people have regarded native bees as a very important dreaming food from Mother earth. The Aboriginal people have used native bees honey for food and tools for thousands of years. The old elders you to talk about honey being presented to Aboriginal tribal elders by the hunters as a sign of cultural respect. 

Evidence has shown that Aboriginals used the wax and resin produced by native bees for fastening implements of stone to wood. They heated the resin/wax in the fire to bind the two objects together for use as hunting and gathering tools.

The honey of the native bees was also used for ceremonial use. When men were being prepared for weddings they were coated in honey and feathers and other objects were stuck to them for decoration. Baskets for carrying water were made by joining leaves and sealing them with bees wax. Aboriginal people would smear native bees honey on open wounds to prevent swelling and bacterial infections.

Packaged in a recyclable cardboard box and plastic soil bag.

PLEASE NOTE WA & TAS buyers: there are quarantine regulations with sending seeds to these parts of Australia. Quarantine may inspect your parcel and if so, there is a possibility of being charged a fee of $39.50. Please be aware that Flora & Fauna accept no liability for this fee.

Life Cykel make cutting edge mushroom health products that are vegan and cruelty-free. Founded in 2015 by Julian and Ryan, who have done extensive research, to bring forth potent mushroom products that support your health and vitality. Julian, a qualified physiotherapist, developed an interest in nutrition and noticed an uptick in natural mushroom products overseas. It's no surprise that the shroom boom has travelled to the Australian market as mushroom are one of the quickest growing foods and a great addition to plant-based diets. In their product range, you will find mushroom grow kits, drinks, liquids and powder extracts.

  1. Fill all the compostable cups to the top with coffee compost and add 1/3 cup water to each
  2. Place the contents of each seed packet in separate bowls. Using a pinching method distribute the small seed (Alyssum) evenly over the surface of the soil of 4 of the cup.s With your index finger make 2 x 0.5cm holes in the soil of each of the remaining 4 cups. Place a large seed (Borage) in each hole then cover the seeds of all 8 cups with a thin layer of the remaining coffee compost.
  3. Place cups on your windowsill inside or outside where there is no direct sunlight. Lightly water and continue watering every 3 days until seeds have germinated. At this stage move to a position with 2-4 hours of direct sunlight. Then begin watering daily. Keep soil moist but not too wet.
  4. After 5-7 weeks check your plants to see if they are ready. Carefully tip the cup upside down emptying the soil plug into the palm of your hand. Check to see if the roots are growing evenly throughout and to the very bottom.
  5. If so they are ready to be planed in a sunny position in the garden. Keep within the compostable cups, puncturing a few holes in the bottom to evenly to promote further root growth into the soi. Water daily and enjoy watching the bees forage on the flowers you have grown. Be sure to capture the magic moments with your new friends.

Recycled coffee grounds, seeds

Bee Pollination Grow Kit