Desert Shadow Organic Henna Kit

  • For Natural Henna Body Art
  • A Great Starter Kit
  • Certified organic by NASAA
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Boho Organic Henna Kit for Natural Henna Body Art. 

A great kit to start your journey into henna. Certified organic by NASAA this kit contains the following:


1 x 50g Certified Organic Henna Powder

1 x Applicator Bottle (reusable)

1 x Henna Mandala Stencil

1 x After Care Sheet

1 x Henna Design Sticker


You will also need Boho Henna Oil or Eucalyptus Oil and Lemon Juice or Black Tea




Recipe #1 - The simple recipe 

Henna Tent Organic Henna Powder 50g

Lemon Juice

Pure Certified Organic Essential oil (20 -30ml/100g)


Recipe #2 - The Traditional recipe from Rajasthan, India

Henna Tent Organic Henna Powder 50g

Black Tea Brew - 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoons black tea or 2/3 tea bags, 4 dried cloves, 2 - 4 cardamon pods…..

bring to the boil and then simmer for 10-15mins. Allow to cool. Storage: in the fridge for 5 days or freezer for months.

Pure Certified Organic Essential oil (20 -30ml/100g)


Recipe #3 - The Traditional recipe from Bahariya, Egypt

Henna Tent Organic Henna Powder 50g

1/4 Black Tea Brew

1/4 Lemon Juice

Pure Certified Organic Essential oil (20-30ml/100g)




1. Mix your 50g of Organic Henna Powder with 100ml of liquid and 10ml to 15ml of organic essential to make a paste that looks similar to mashed potatoes. 

2. Cover with cling wrap or a plastic bag and leave to sit at room temperature (between 20 & 28 degrees) for 4 hours. If the weather is cold leave for 8 hours.

3. Uncover your paste and scrape a little off the top. If the surface is brown and underneath a greenish colour, this is good because it means that the natural dye is being released from the powder. 

4. Mix your paste well and squish out any lumps with a spoon.

5 Add 20mls more of liquid, a little at a time then mix well so that you have a paste that looks like yoghurt. 

6. To check that the paste is ready put a little bit on your skin & and wait a couple of minutes before wiping it off. If it leaves a nice bright orange stain 

you are ready to go!

7. Use a spatula and scrape your henna into a carrot bag or ziplock bag ready for coning or putting into your applicator bottle.


****Any leftover henna can be kept in the fridge for 3 days. After this time the henna will start to lose its colour so it’s better not to keep it longer than this. You can freeze the mix & this will make it last for 1- 3 months. 


***Please note you can add Organic Molasses or sugar to your mix if you would like the paste to stick to the skin for longer. Adding sugar in humid climates is not recommended unless you are a professional and have been mixing your paste for a while. If you wish to add just a little use one teaspoon and add less liquid to compensate.


Organic Henna


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