YOUR Best Vegan Snack Ideas!

Feb 01, 2024by Your F&F Team

Recently we asked all of our lovely F&F customers to share their best vegan snack ideas - and we were totally overwhelmed with the response (thank you!) 

So here are some of our favourites that were too good not to share.  We hope you find some culinary inspiration here too! 


"Ants on a log: a piece of celery filled with nut butter (my fave is almond) and sprinkled with raisins or sultanas (cacao nibs also work if you're craving chocolate). Salty, sweet, crunchy, hydrating - this snack has it all!" - Jacquie 

"I love coconut oil, mixed with cocoa, maple syrup and dip in strawberries, so yum." - Kathryn 

"I make amazing iceblocks using just coconut cream and (cheaper) overripe mangoes. Can't be beat on a hot day!" - Amy 

"CADA - Coconut, Apple, Dates, Almonds blitzed together . Great filling snack, can add yogurt , roll into balls . Many ways to eat it." - Carly 

"My favourite vegan snack is a date with some pecans and a little dark chocolate." - Hope 

"Nutritional yeast! I add it to everything! it's nutritious and delicious! Enjoy!" - Jean 

"My son is Vegan and his snack is Chocolate Crackles made from Puffed Soy Protein Crisps." - Sharon 

"Hummus, easy to make, easy to purchase, mega food that is great with vege sticks, crackers, as a spread, on falafel - endless possibilities." - Anne 

"My favourite vegan snack is homemade kale chips, with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, chilli and nutritional yeast sprinkled over the top. Sometimes I also add pepitas for extra crunch. Yumm!" - Malisa 

"Vegan scrambled eggs. Aquafaba and chickpea flour mixed together and season." - Nghi 

"Dandies marshmallows are the best treat ever and awesome toasted over a campfire!" - Lisa 

"Banana peel bacon." - Danielle 

"Tofu is the holy grail because you can steam, stir fry, deep fry, put it in soup, it's always yummy and goes with any flavour. There is sweet tofu dessert you can enjoy with syrup too!" - Pui Ki 

"We love oven-roasted chickpeas to snack on or as a side to a meal - they're crunchy, affordable, packed with protein, and a perfect treat for World Vegan Day (or any day for that matter!)" - Anne Maree 

"Fresh fruit and nuts are great for you and always my go-to for a nutritious energy boost!" - Thalia 

"Roast beetroot chips made from home grown beetroot. Add a little bit of salt and rosemary. Delish." - Emma 

"A bit of Biscoff spread on anything is a great treat!" - Felice 


Looking for more?  Check out the 'Recipes' section of our blog, here! 

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