Your 2020 Plastic Free Toolkit!

Jun 28, 2020by Julie - F&F

If you're looking to make a few plastic-free changes we're here to help.

We first released these guides two years ago and we're delighted that the world has moved forward hugely so we've updated these guides to take account of new plastic-free changes like shampoo  bars.

Plastic-Free July is a great time to think about how we can reduce the plastic we use so we make lasting changes. Some of our favourites are in the guides below. Feel free to save them, share them, put them up on the fridge, in the office or email your friends. Let's get everyone making some changes and remember to share what you're doing with us @floraandfaunaau. 

If you want to print them you might want to download the larger files here..... Home and Work

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