Why You Should Use Plastic-Free Hair Ties

Feb 24, 2023by Gabby - F&F

How many times have you lost your hair tie? What about thrown out? Our guess is more times than you can probably count. Whilst it seems little and insignificant, the truth is plastics of any measure don't go away — they take 400 years to break down. So when you think about every hair tie you have ever owned, you might be surprised to know, it's still out there. In fact, in America alone, 5.46 billion hair ties are lost each year. Just imagine that number across the world!

So why pick Kooshoo? Kooshoo's Hair Accessories are made with renewable, plant-based materials including fairtrade certified organic cotton and natural rubber. In this blog, we'll be taking you through common hair tie q's — we hope you learn a thing or two. 

Hair Tie Strength TestingHair Tie Strength Testing

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Why Are Kooshoo Hair Ties More Expensive Than Regular Hair Ties?

So the question on everyone's mind, is why are these hair ties more expensive than normal hair ties. As awful as it sounds, normal hair ties are made to be disposed. They last you a little while, but will always lead to you buying more. They lack quality. Not only that, but these hair ties are often made unethically, using toxic dyes and plastic because they are cheaper to make. The truth of the matter is, they cut corners. 

Kooshoo's Hair Ties reflect a true price. Instead of plastic, they use premium organic cotton and natural tree rubber. Their hair ties are 2x stronger than an average hair tie, they're gentle on the hair and are packaged plastic free too! They ensure their workers are treated fairly, help protect the planet, produce stylish products —  products that are made to last and that won't harm mother nature. You can't put a price on that right? Check our our customer, Rachelle's review below:

Organic Hair Ties For Ginger HairOrganic Hair Ties For Ginger Hair

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How To Avoid Losing Your Hair Ties

Has the thought of, how many hair ties does one person need crossed your mind? We've thought about it once or twice. So what's the answer? Kooshoo did a study across America and found that the average person goes through 65 hair ties a year. But that's not to say we need that many. That goes to show how many get lossed, tossed or borrowed and that number needs to come down massively. 

Once you've made the switch to Kooshoo, you're already helping the planet. The quality of these hair ties are going to last you so much longer too. So the real tips we need to throw your way are how to avoid losing them. Here's what we recommend when your hair ties aren't in use:

  • Attach to the end of your brush
  • Put it on your wrist
  • Leave them in a jewellery box
  • Invest in a hair tie stand
Kooshoo Hair TiesKooshoo Hair Ties

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The Kooshoo Range

Here at F&F, we're so glad to stock Kooshoo's Hair Accessories. If you're wondering which hair tie pack to pick, we explain exactly what hair tie is good for what purpose.

Let's start with the Flat Hair Ties. They're wide and of course, flat — great for tying back thick ponytails. The organic cotton material ensures they don't pull on hair, making them comfortable and headache-free. Plus, you can choose colours to match your hair or your outfit. How cool!

Next are the Round Hair Ties. They are thinner than the flat hair ties and are tubular in shape. These hair ties break down into the:

  • Mini's: great for tying little braids, which are trending right now. Plus, their quality is a lot better than any plastic elastics you'd have used before.  
  • Mondo's: these hair ties are simply a bigger version of the same innovative mini's product. They're great for bigger braids, thicker hair and curls.

Setting hair ties aside, Kooshoo also has some gorgeous Scrunchies and Headbands that are comfy and stylish. We are obsessed with all the colours!

Flower BundleFlower Bundle

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How To Reuse Your Hair Ties After They've Reached Their End Of Life

Kooshoo's Hair Ties are made to last, but after prolonged use they will eventually reach their end of life. So what can you do? Use them for a different purpose. Hair ties are super multi-purposed and can be reused in more ways than one. In fact you don't even need to wait to they have reached their end of life to try these ideas.

Use to:

  • Hold up garden stakes
  • Seal the tops of your cloth bags
  • Bundle your pencils or pens together
  • Bunch up your veggies 
  • Keep your flowers bunched together
  • Make drink makers
  • Keep sleeves rolled up
  • Bookmark

Will you make the switch to Kooshoo's Plastic Free Hair Ties?

We'd love to know what other ways you avoid losing your hair ties and how you reuse them, so make sure to leave a comment below.

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