How Vitamin A can Help Your Skin

Sep 16, 2017by Julie - F&F

If you've ever been for a facial, or spoken to someone about your skin, you may have been encouraged to add Vitamin A into your skin care routine. But why is it important and what does it do?

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin we need for healthy skin, a healthy immune system and good vision. It can definitely assist in combating ageing. Of course we're all going to age; we haven't managed to stop that yet but we can give our skin the best chance possible. 

Vitamin A exists in food and it's found in liver and eggs and is readily available, but being vegan we don't eat those. Luckily beta carotene exists in colourful vegetables such as carrots, peas, onions, spinach and sweet potato. The body converts the beta carotene to Vitamin A and beta carotene is an antioxidant. Unlike water soluble vitamins you can have too much Vitamin A and this can be a problem if you eat a lot of liver, or take too many supplements, as an example. If concerned talk to a nutritionist.

We can also use Vitamin A on our skin and this often comes in the form of retinol which is one of the chemical names for Vitamin A. It is well regarded in the skin care industry as being able to wage a war on wrinkles. 

What does Vitamin A do for your skin?

  • It promotes healthy function of internal and external skin cells, which means that cell turnover is increased and skin looks fresh
  • Collagen production is stimulated, plumping up the skin to help smooth out fine lines
  • Skin thickness increases, and skin elasticity improves, resulting in skin which looks younger and fuller
  • Pigmentation is discouraged, so skin looks more even-toned and radiant
  • Skin is strengthened against infection, so breakouts and irritation are less likely to occur


Important Things to Note

  • Vitamin A degrades when exposed to light so it's best to use Vitamin A at night
  • Use Vitamin A in conjunction with a good skin care routine and feed your skin
  • Vitamin C, used during the day, pairs very well with Vitamin A
  • Remember to use a good sunscreen during the day like Simple As That or a broad spectrum powder with SPF30. INIKA and Adorn both have powders with SPF. You can shop our sunscreen here

Eco. Vitamin A is available at Flora & Fauna along with a Duo Pack with Vitamin C. 

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