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Sep 30, 2019by Julie - F&F

Which SKIN products are right for you? Let's uncover this beautiful brand from New Zealand that is consciously priced and ingredient focused. 

With their unique bioactive rich formulations, their elegant and environmentally efficient packaging, and impressive value for money, the brand’s rise in popularity was to be expected.


When evaluating skincare, the first and most important step in caring for your skin is understanding your skin type and how it adapts to your environment and lifestyle. Between not drinking enough water, poor diet, the everyday stresses and the effects of our environment, our skin is put through its paces. Thankfully, we can do a lot to help recharge and rejuvenate our skin through the use of multifunctional skincare products as seen within the SKIN range. Their products have been formulated specifically for different skin types, however to get the most out of these powerhouse products we decided to break down and detail the four main skin types and how best to incorporate the SKIN products into your daily routine.

For an easy way to identify and understand your skin type at home, use the below method and note how your skin looks and feels. Our following product guide will then help you decide which category and products work best for your skin.


Determining your skin type:

Gently cleanse your face with a mild cleanser and pat to dry. Do not apply any products (skincare or cosmetics) for at least 30 minutes - this allows for your skin to naturally produce its protecting oils (sebum), thus determining your skin type. After this time, examine your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks for any shine. Does your skin feel especially parched? Or is there a noticeable shine across your forehead and down the midline of your face (your t-zone)? If your skin feels tight, your skin is considered dry to normal. If there is visible oil within your t-zone your skin is most likely normal to combination, however if the shine extends along the cheeks in addition to your t-zone, you most likely have combination to oily skin.



Dry to Normal Skin

A dry, flaky complexion that feels tight and slightly rough after cleansing is typical for anyone with dry skin. Many factors can contribute to dry skin, such as genetics, lifestyle, hormonal changes and the climate, however the biggest issue with dry skin is prolonged dehydration as this can actually increase sensitivity and premature ageing. Therefore keeping hydrated with water and limiting diuretics such as caffeine and alcohol can make a significant difference in how your skin looks and feels.

For dry skin types, the use of hydrating ingredients within your skincare routine is essential. When cleansing or exfoliating, choose products with natural hydrating and softening oils such as avocado oil, as seen within SKIN’s Gentle Cream Cleanser, as the nourishing oil blends won’t strip your natural oils but rather work to replenish and restore skin health. SKIN’s Hydrating Moisturiser is another must-have for dry skin as it is jam-packed full of nourishing ingredients. A clear ingredient standout is the locally-sourced seaweed as this marine active is not only a powerful antioxidant, it floods the skin with moisture that absorbs quickly and replenishes the deeper skin cell layers. The emollients, including Vitamin E further assist by smoothing and hydrating your skin evenly and effectively.

While it’s important to hydrate from the inside out (drink two litres of water a day and consume water-rich foods such as oranges, strawberries and pineapple), a good routine can make all the difference. To take your hydration up another level, use a hydrating face mask once a week to soothe sore skin and maintain your new routine.


Normal to Combination Skin

If you have normal skin, a ‘less is more’ approach is always recommended. Natural skincare products that are gentle and focus on balance are best. SKIN’s Multi-Nutrient Facial Oil is perfect for all skin types as its blend of vitamins, antioxidants, omega oils and CoQ10 helps stimulate collagen production for a healthy looking balanced complexion.

People with normal to combination skin often experience dryness on the cheeks, making it important to find a moisturiser that is not too heavy but one that is substantial enough to retain moisture where needed most. Stick to light texture moisturisers such as SKIN’S Light Moisturiser and avoid overly abrasive formulas so as to not over stimulate your natural oil production.



Combination to Oily Skin

Excess oil can often lead to clogged and congested pores resulting in those pesky, unwanted breakouts. On a positive note, those with an oily complexion tend to have younger looking, dewier skin as having more natural moisture on the skin’s surface reduces wrinkle formation. Those with an oily skin type tend to try and rid the skin of the oils by using harsh cleansers that strip away the shine. Temporarily this may result in a matte finish, however this actually encourages an increase in oil production to replace the lost sebum. SKIN’s Purifying Cleanser is made without harsh chemicals that dry out the skin. The specialised formulation contains purifying ingredients such as pineapple and grape seed extract in addition to sustainably harvested native harakeke to reduce redness and irritation. The gentle cleanser, brightens and exfoliates the skin for a clearer complexion. With oily skin types cleansing gently, but thoroughly, and finishing with a light moisturiser to rebalance the oils can help regulate your skin’s oil production.


Sensitive Skin

Managing sensitive skin can be challenging, as it takes considerable time and effort to determine which ingredients cause inflammation and irritation. Patch testing a new product on your inner forearm is an excellent way to minimise potential reactions on the face. It is also essential to avoid products with ingredients like artificial colours, fragrances or alcohol. Look for products that are made for all skin types, such as SKIN’s Replenishing Night Cream. This luxurious night cream is an excellent addition to your skincare routine with its calming, soothing and replenishing formulation, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Over time your skin’s needs will change which is why it is important to keep up the health of your skin and to ‘check-in’ regularly to determine whether any adjustments to your skincare routine is needed. SKIN by ecostore’s range of beautiful formulations ensures that there is a product suitable for every skin type, giving you the confidence to wear SKIN and nothing else.

You can find the SKIN range by ecostore onine at Flora & Fauna. 

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