What Makeup Looks Are Trending This Spring?

Sep 16, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Spring is well and truly here! The 'in' looks for this season's beauty, reflects a carefree spirit that encourages fun and experimentation with colours. A pretty in pink moment, never strays either.

So, whether you're after all things pink, or a more bold approach to your makeup routine — we've got everything you need! Here's what we recommend to stay on trend, this spring.

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Face | Lightweight Foundations & Blush

Winters come and gone and so has the heavy layering of foundation. This spring, people are taking a step back from full coverage foundation and are looking towards a more sheer radiant formula. Eye Of Horus's Skin Tint Foundation ticks all of the boxes. It acts as an all-day foundation, but also, a face serum and sun protector too. Their Quinoa Water Based Foundation is also a great low coverage option.

You can skip contouring this spring too!  A bold blush is setting the scene and we don't just mean a subtle blush, you can go big with this application in the cheek area. Why stop there? Use blush to accentuate your features, like the nose, under the eyebrows, etc! 

INIKA Natural Eyeshadow Palette - FlowersINIKA Natural Eyeshadow Palette - Flowers

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Eyes | Eyeshadow & Eyeliners

This spring, you can't go wrong with your natural glowing skin and some warmth from a pink eyeshadow, but if you're looking to level up your eye game, now's the time!

But first, if you are on the pink bandwagon, we highly recommend using a blush as your eyeshadow. We find it compliments the cheeks nicely. Try Ere Perez's Blush Pots, Lily Lolo's Pressed Blush or Elate's Pressed Cheek Colours. Alternatively, you can create a sunset look using the Inika Eyeshadow Palette. For more of that bold look, think 90s retro, bright colours and pastel eyes! That's your purples, blues, mint, yellows and even some sparkles!

Double winged eyeliner and the reverse cat-eye is also trending. Choose colours like, Blue, Green or Gold to stand out. Or use a Liquid Eyeliner to create a thick, graphic look.

Ere Perez Mango Lip Honey Pop Vegan Lip GlossEre Perez Mango Lip Honey Pop Vegan Lip Gloss

Image: F&F

Lips | Lip Gloss

Pucker up, glossy pouts are in this Spring!

Ere Perez, Mango Lip Honey, is a beautiful lip gloss that adds a tinted shine to your lips. We love the subtle pink colour it portrays. A win for spring in our opinion!

But, this doesn't mean you have to rule lipstick out completely, it just means to remember to add that shine factor with a lip gloss. We love Ere Perez, Mango Lip Honey — this clear gloss looks perfect over lipstick. When choosing a Lipstick, you can go anywhere from a natural nude to a candy apple red! Just remember your gloss.

Image: Instagram / @sienna.co

Nails | Pink, Nudes & Bold Bright Colours

Whilst nails don't directly fall under 'makeup' there's no denying that a fresh set of painted nails can really complete your look!

For the pinks and nudes — try: Nude, Pale Pink, Classic Pink, Rich Pink or Dark Raspberry. For a more simplistic and sheer look, you can actually simply use a Top Coat to give off that shiny effect. 

Alternatively, this spring is all about being bold and bright, so why not try colours like: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Aqua and Green.

What makeup looks will you be sticking to this spring? Bold and bright or pretty in pink? Let us know in the comments.

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