What Are The Benefits Of Oil Pulling?

Jun 27, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Have you ever tried oil pulling? This Ayurvedic practice has been used for thousands of years to promote good oral hygiene! Let’s take a look at what oil pulling is, how we can benefit from this daily practice and some Oil Pulling Products!

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What Is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling and tongue scraping have been practiced for thousands of years in alignment with Ayurveda — a Hindu system of medicine with deeply historical roots. They are said to promote holistic healing through simple, everyday rituals. 

Oil pulling is the act of swishing oil in the mouth for a period of time and then spitting it out. Regular oil pulling can transform your dental health by improving the balance of oral bacteria, preventing tooth decay, alleviating bad breath, and strengthening the tissue of teeth and gums.

We know that an abundance of harmful bacteria in the mouth is the root of most dental issues. If unchecked, the bad bacteria can lead to some nasty problems like tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. By reducing the bad bacteria in the mouth, some of these issues may be prevented.

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The Scientific Benefits Of Oil Pulling

The scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of oil pulling is growing steadily! Oil pulling can promote good oral hygiene by “pulling” out bacteria from the mouth via the oil. In a 2016 study with 60 participants, it was discovered that oil pulling with coconut oil was equally as effective as mouthwash in reducing the number of bad bacteria in the mouth! 

Oil pulling may also help to reduce inflammation and improve gum health. In a 2015 study, 60 participants with gingivitis practiced oil pulling for 30 days. After only one week, the participants had lower levels of plaque and showed an improvement in gum health. How amazing is that? 

Oil pulling has also been cited as an effective way to prevent cracked lips and dryness in the throat, and some say it can even whiten your teeth over time.

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How To Oil Pull In 5 Easy Steps

Oil pulling can help to fight bad bacteria in the mouth, among a range of other benefits. But, how does it work? According to Healthline, there are 5 simple steps to oil pulling: 

  1. Start on an empty stomach (preferably upon waking). 
  2. Measure out one tablespoon of your preferred oil. Most people use coconut or sesame oil, but you can also use olive oil, sunflower oil or our Oil Pulling products.
  3. Swish the oil around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. It can feel pretty gross at first, but you’ll get used to it! Try not to swallow any of the oil. 
  4. Spit the oil into your bin or toilet once you’re done. Spitting the oil into your sink can potentially cause a nasty build-up of oil. 
  5. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water before eating or drinking. Repeat daily for optimal results!
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How To Care For Your Dental Hygiene — Naturally! 

Interested in trying oil pulling? All you need is oil! We highly recommend using coconut oil, mainly because it has proven to be a successful choice in many scientific studies. Coconut oil is widely available, inexpensive, and contains antimicrobial lauric acid — which is great for fighting infections! 

We also love using Dr Tung's Oil Pulling Concentrate. It contains 24 plants and herbs in a sesame oil base to support optimal oral health! We also have the Black Chicken Remedies Oral Swishing Oil which contains coconut, hemp and castor oils, plus peppermint, myrrh and cardamom for fresher breath.

Flora & Fauna have everything you need to take care of your Dental Health, including all Natural Floss & Oil Pulling products!

Will you try oil pulling? We think this is a wonderful, simple practice to add into your Natural Dental Hygiene routine — especially if you struggle with bad breath, tooth decay, and inflammation of the gums. 

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