Torju, Committed to Ethical Fashion

Nov 05, 2018by F&F

Torju is an Australian ethical clothing brand creating contemporary fashion that is made from the finest organic materials. Torju do more than just use organic materials, they are absolutely focused on how their clothing is made from concept to store.


What's the Torju Story?

Torju was born in Torquay in Victoria and they aim to connect the beauty of the Australia land with the ruggedness of the ocean. The team behind Torju have ove thirty years experience in fashion which they have use dto produce this amazing brand. 


What's Torju's Purpose?

Torju prides itself on transparent and ethical processes so that you, as the customer, can be assured what you are wearing has been produced in the best way possible.

So what makes them sustainable?


Torju's Commitment to Quality

Torju use Fairtrade organic cotton to ensure the best return for local farmers and to ensure they are using the best quality fabric possible.  

Organic Cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or any harmful processes which will be found in standard cotton. It is certified by an accredited independent organization. Instead of these toxic chemicals, organic farmers focus on developing the soil, composting, crop rotation, enhancing biodiversity and protecting the environment. I saw someone presenting recently from a clothing company who commented on the environment around an organic farm vs a non organic cotton farm. In the general cotton farm birdlife was non existent and there was a very 'chemical' smell to the place. 

Torju has GOTS status and they work to Oeko-Tex Standard, guaranteeing that their products are free from dangerous chemicals and dyes.

What is GOTS?

  • "azo-free" & "heavy metal" free certified colors 
  • Ban of any heavy toxic metals
  • All stages of production must have an environmental policy
  • Minimizing waste
  • Mechanical softness treatment (not chemical softening)
  • Oxygen bleach process (no chlorine bleach)

What is Oeko-Tex?

Oeko-Tex Standard is a certification that guarantees that products are free from dangerous chemicals, dyes, threads and yarns. It is an independent quality testing process, to further reassure the factory has eliminated any harmful chemicals.

  • Testing of textile from raw materials, intermediate and to end product
  • Thorough assessment of any possible chemical harmful substances in textiles
  • Tests for skin-friendly clothing


Torju's Commitment to Safe Working Conditions

Torju are committed to safe working conditions while giving back to the surrounding communities. They ensure workers have fair wages.  


Torju's Commitment to the Environment

To minimise their footprint, a rainwater harvesting system puts water used in production back into the earth; Torju also use solar energy. Off-cuts and waste fabric is recycled to be made into new products. There’s no unnecessary usage printing is limited and all the labels are made from recycled materials. 

Torju has also made a conscious decision to minimise any plastic trims on their garments and have a zero no plastic polybag rule. 

You can shop Torju at Flora & Fauna.  

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