Skincare for your Wedding Day

Jul 12, 2015by Julie - F&F

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you want to look and feel, your best. However, it can also be one of the most stressful days and the lead up is pretty frantic too. Here are our tips to have a naturally beautiful day.

Wedding dress – tick. Cake – tick. Honeymoon – tick. Makeup – tick. But what about your skin?

Often by the time the day comes around all the stress of the lead up is showing on your skin. So how do you make sure you are glowing on the day and not full of concealer covering blemishes? 

  • Decide on your skincare routine at least three months before the big day; if you can do it sooner perfect!. This ensures your skin has time to adapt to your new skincare products and you have the chance to reap the benefits. Often you will find when you change your routine, including simple things like drinking more water, you will break out as your skin adapts.
  • Pick products for your skin and stick with the routine. We suggest a cleanser, toner/ mist, serum and moisturiser. It’s important your skin is cleansed every day and is hydrated (this is where the mist and serum come in). Flora & Fauna has all-natural and organic skincare suited to your skin type and you can choose the best product according to skin type. Flora & Fauna also stocks samples and sample packs for many products so you can try products out before you buy. This is really helpful when you aren't sure what products suit your skin. Shop samples
  • Monthly or weekly Skin Treatment. Six months before the big day start treating your skin with a cleansing mask to deep clean and hydrate the skin. Select the right mask for your skin type and use it regularly but don’t strip the skin. Flora & Fauna has a range of masks and treatments. However, you might want to treat yourself to a monthly pamper session. We recommend Endota Spa; their treatments are pampering but effective, and their Endota product range is natural, organic and cruelty-free. 
  • Scrub that body! Ensure you regularly exfoliate, scrub and buff your body. This helps smooth your skin and also gets the lymphatic system working. The Butt Naked scrubs are perfect for a thorough scrub but also has oil to moisturise. If you have a few bumps you'd like to tackle we also have a cellulite oil from Weleda
  • Water! Drink plenty to keep yourself hydrated, your system flushed and your skin clean. You need waste products to move through your system and water helps flush waste out rather than having it sit in your body. We recommend 2 to 3 litres a day.
  • Watch your Diet. If you are going to quit caffeine, alcohol and sugar please do it at least a month before the big day. If you do it the week of your wedding you are highly likely to break out and even be a bit grumpy on your special day.
  • Exercise. Whether it’s running, yoga or walking keep moving your mind and your body. This will help ease the stress and keep you active and toned.
  • Get enough sleep! When you are working and planning your wedding sleep can become secondary. This is one thing you shouldn’t miss out on as this will show itself via your skin quickly; you will look tired and sallow so get that beauty sleep and give your body and skin time to regenerate.
  • Plan your wedding day makeup in advance and make sure you are happy with it. Whether you are having a full makeover or doing your own makeup plan your colours and what you might need during the day. Flora & Fauna has a full range of natural makeup and we are always on hand for advice. Simply email us and we’ll help out.

Once that is all done simply enjoy the day and remember it’s all about marrying that amazing person standing opposite you. Good luck!

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