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Feb 06, 2023by Gabby - F&F

Finding the right lunch box or bag to fit all your fave treats in, is already hard enough, without the added bulk of an ice pack. But, without an ice pack, we risk keeping things fresh, cool and end up swapping foods around, which may compromise our health choices. So what's the solution? Let us introduce you to PackIt. This clever company, has developed freezable cooler bags with a unique patented technology that allows your lunch and goodies to stay cool until you need them. 

Let's dive a little deeper to see how this brand came to be, how their eco freeze technology works, and of course — the range!

How PackIt Started?

Meet Melissa, a mum and the founder of PackIt. As a busy mum of three little ones, Melissa's aim was to ensure her kids get to school with a fresh and nutritious lunch. To her surprise, she found that her expensive ice packs were causing more harm than good (mushy blueberries) and the ice packs sometimes never even made it home. That't when she thought, there had to be a better way! So she asked herself, "why can't the bag BE the icepack? It would not only simplify the lunch making process but reduce a lot of unnecessary waste."

So Melissa got creating, the first freezable PackIt prototype was born using materials from her shower curtain, some safety pins, four icepacks, and some pleading with her dry cleaner. Pretty clever right? Since then, the innovation has continued to prosper, making hectic days, that bit easier!

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag - BlackPackIt Freezable Lunch Bag - Black

Image: Instagram / @packitcool_australia

PackIt's Eco Freeze Technology

So what exactly is this eco freeze technology? PackIt is the only foldable, freezable bag that keeps food and drinks cool for hours—no ice packs needed. Its secret? Patented cooling technology that's built into the walls of the bag. How cool is that? (No pun intended).

So how does it work?

  1. Fold It: The Freezable Lunch Bag folds up neatly to the size of a thick book. It secures with a handy velcro tab for compact storage.
  2. Freeze It: The entire bag goes in your freezer overnight (12 hours) to activate its built-in freezable gel. By morning, the walls of the bag will be completely frozen and ready to chill just like a fridge.
  3. Expand, Pack & Go: Fill your Freezable Lunch Bag with food and drinks just before you leave home. Enjoy!
PACKIT Freezable Lunch Bag - Artic CamoPACKIT Freezable Lunch Bag - Artic Camo

Image: Instagram / @packitcool_australia

PackIt's Range of Lunch Boxes, Snack Boxes & Lunch Bags

PackIt's range of freezable cooler bags are perfect for taking to school, uni, work or on picnics! They're better for the planet because they keep your food fresh, therefore prevent food waste, are reusable, so eliminate the need for single-use plastics and they rid the need for ice packs, which often get lost. So it's once less thing to worry about. 

The original bags that started it all, are the freezable lunch bags. Take your pick of colour/design, there's: Mint, Mulberry, Artic Camo and Ice-Cream. If you're looking for something a bit bigger to fit more food in, then we recommend the Hampton Bag. It's a stylish shoulder carry bag with loads of room. It comes in Mint or Mulberry. Did we mention, all lunch bags keep your food cool for up to 8 hours.

PackIt also has Bento Snack Boxes, which include one removable divider that walls off thick liquids and solids, lets you separate sensitive foods and create customized spaces. Or the Bento Lunch Box, which has three removable dividers and is leak-resistant!

PackIt’s lunch coolers have helped millions of families take safe, healthy meals everywhere without the need for burdensome ice packs. Will you join us and PackIt on our journey's to do better for ourselves, our families and our planet?

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