Mysterious Sinkhole In China Reveals A Beautiful & Unique Ecosystem!
Apr 18, 2023by Olivia Harper - F&F
This enormous sinkhole is a botanical delight, revealing an entirely self-contained ecosystem that has been untouched by humans!
Eight Endangered Species That Are Being Reintroduced Around The World
Dec 02, 2022by Olivia Harper - F&F
Here are eight species that are being reintroduced into the wild and their success stories!
China Will Plant New Forests The Size Of Belgium Until 2025
Oct 29, 2021by Olivia - F&F
To achieve net-zero emissions by 2060, China’s new tree-planting project will see 36,000 square kilometres of new forest area every year until 2025.
Giant Pandas Are Making a Comeback
Aug 20, 2021by Olivia - F&F
The Giant Panda is no longer endangered in the wild! As a result of China’s conservation efforts, there are now over 1,800 Giant Pandas living in the wild.