Reimagine Beauty In Powder Form, With Dust & Glow

Feb 18, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Do you want waterless skincare and haircare that makes a difference to you and the world? Yes please!

Dust & Glow are shaking up the beauty industry with their innovative waterless products that have a positive impact on your skin and hair as well as the planet.

Each ingredient has a purpose and their products are thoughtfully packaged in aluminium and compostable pouches. Amazing right? Read on to learn about why waterless beauty is the future of beauty!

Dust & Glow BeautyDust & Glow Beauty

Shake Up Your Beauty Routine

The ugly truth behind the beauty industry as it currently stands is huge! Aside from the artificial ingredients being poured down the drain and harming our environment, billions of plastic containers are being used to store these beauty products. 

So why go waterless? Most shampoos and cleansers contain up to 95% water which is super unnecessary. By going waterless you are preserving water where it counts! Currently, 785 million people are without drinking water, so every drop matters.

So far Dust & Glow has prevented over 171 plastic bottles from being manufactured, saved 186L of water and have donated 48 months of clean water to those who need it most! How inspiring! Let's reimagine beauty in powder form.

Dust & Glow Powder-Based ShampooDust & Glow Powder-Based Shampoo

Vegan Powder-Based Shampoo

The Dust & Glow Powder-Based Shampoo features a waterless formula that saves over 3L of water per bottle, which is equivalent to about 60 washes. By making the switch to this shampoo, you are saving 3.5L of water and saving 3 plastic bottles from going into landfill.

How To Use:

  1. Sprinkle 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon onto wet hands.
  2. Lather onto your hands to activate, it will foam!
  3. Massage onto wet hair.
  4. Rinse well.

Already have a bottle? Grab a Compostable Refill Pouch.

Dust & Glow Powder-Based ConditionerDust & Glow Powder-Based Conditioner

Vegan Powder-Based Conditioner

Why pay for water when you can get 100% plant-based Conditioner concetrates that activates by the water in your shower? Like the shampoo, you will be saving 3L of water per bottle. The ingredients in the conditioner help promote soft and shiny hair and stimulate hair growth.

How To Use:

  1. After shampooing, sprinkle 1/4 of a teaspoon of the conditioner powder on wet hands
  2. Lather on your hands 
  3. Massage onto wet hair and leave in for 3 minutes then rinse (you can turn the tap off to save water)

If you already have a conditioner bottle, grab a Conditoner Refill Pouch, the next time you run out.

Dust & Glow Face & Body CleansersDust & Glow Face & Body Cleansers

Vegan Powder-Based Face & Body Cleansers

Aside from hair care, Dust & Glow offers powder based cleansers and body wash too!

The Powder-Based Daily Polisher contains antioxidant-rich ingredients to nourish and brighten the skin. The Detox Cleanser & Mask helps to purify skin and calm irritation, whilst the charcoal ingredient works to extract impurities from the skin, for a glowing complexion. Finally, the Powder-Based Body Wash hydrates, softens and hydrates the skin for a healthy complexion.

To use, follow the method above, but massage onto either the face or body. All these cleansers save over 3L of water and 3 bottles of plastic!

Ditching plastic and water waste may seem daunting, but with Dust & Glow, it's easy! Their powders give you the pow(d)er to make a difference, so why not give it a go.

For every product there's a handy Compostable Refill Pouch. This makes it super easy to reuse your bottles and help the planet even more. Shop Dust & Glow online Flora & Fauna now.

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