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May 19, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Negative body image and the issues associated with girls being dissatisfied with their bodies are often talked about in relation to teenage girls. It may alarm some to know however that 38% of 4-year old girls in Australia want a different body size.

We are absolutely shaken to hear that such young girls want to change something about their bodies, especially as their bodies are still very much developing. So, we are very excited to be partnering with the Pretty Foundation who's mission is to empower girls to nurture a positive body image from a young age. Let's learn some more!

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What Research Suggests

Research from the Children’s Body Image Development Study at La Trobe University has found that the way a child feels about their body starts to develop as early as 3 years, and that the feelings, attitudes, and conversations parents have about their own appearance and body shape, strongly influence their child’s feelings about their own body and self-esteem.

We try to think of children as innocent and carefree, yet they are astutely aware of the way they look. They are conscious of their own appearance and compare themselves with others.

Kids are able to pick up on a lot from those around them and whilst often this is positive, there are times that negatives messages are also absorbed. We need to make sure that as parents and as adults that we are providing as much of a positive influence as possible.

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What Can You Do To Help?

It isn’t however just about minimising negative messages but rather about reinforcing positive ones.

Positivity is a great way to counteract any negative or damaging messages that may have seeped through to our girls and help them recognize their true value. It needs to be done in a natural, reassuring manner rather than forcefully imposed. If done right, it can help your daughters to think more positively about their bodies.

Another way to help, is through ensuring the media your little ones watch or listen to, are promoting the right messages.  

Pretty Foundation Books Charlie's Tales: Cassia And The Fire DragonsPretty Foundation Books Charlie's Tales: Cassia And The Fire Dragons

What Is The Pretty Foundation?

Pretty Foundation is a not-for-profit leading the way in encouraging girls to develop and nurture a positive body image.

Recognising that the foundations of positive body image is laid in the early developmental years, Pretty Foundation develops and runs programs that give 2-6 year-old children the skills, support and perspective they need to feel body confident so they can be free from body image concerns which may hold them back from stepping into their potential.

Merissa ForsythMerissa Forsyth

CEO & Founder Of Pretty Foundation | Merissa Forsyth

CEO and Founder of Pretty Foundation, Merissa Forsyth, explains: “Aside from the fact that body image issues can surface in the early developmental years (particularly in girls), what many people don’t realise is that negative body image can hold our children back — it might see them shy away from social settings, not participate in the classroom or simply doubt they are able to do things like play sports, make new friends, participate in new activities, the list goes on.

These sorts of self-limiting beliefs can then stop them from going on to achieve their potential now and later in life through their education, career, relationships, in fact, it can have an impact across many areas of their life. That’s why it is really important we lay the foundations for positive body image early.”

Charlie's Tales BooksCharlie's Tales Books

Pretty Foundation Program Offerings

Pretty Foundation have developed Charlie’s Tales – a body confidence book series for all children under 7.

Weaving in positive body image messages through each of Charlie’s adventures, the series positions Charlie as a positive role model and provides a tool which parents can use to help their children to embrace what makes their body unique, value their character, skills and abilities and look after their bodies as they are vehicles for life, not ornaments to be stared at.

So far, 59.8% of parents reporting a positive impact on their child’s body image within just one month of reading the Charlie’s Tales books to them.

Pretty Unique WeekPretty Unique Week

Pretty Unique Week

Building on the success of this program, Pretty Foundation have also just launched Pretty Unique Week — a week focused on celebrating body diversity so children can appreciate that their differences are their strengths.

To bring this to life, they’ve developed packs which are perfect for parents or carers to do with their children. Each contains a Charlie’s Tales book, discussion questions and craft activity which all work together to instill this important message.

The early development of body image issues needs our attention and as so, we are proud to be supporting Pretty Foundation. Mental health is such a serious topic and having the opportunity to prevent some of these underlying problems at it's core — that is by teaching children about positive body image — will be sure to see a huge and positive difference. 

If you’d like to purchase a Charlie’s Tales book or Pretty Unique Week pack, shop here. All proceeds made, are donated to Pretty Foundation.

For more information on Pretty Foundation please visit

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