Plastic Free July Doesn't Stop Here

Aug 02, 2018by F&F

Plastic Free July may be over but don't stop now. This is the time for you to consolidate everything you have done and make more changes and help others on their journey.

We have a wealth of information on our website talking through things you can do so we've pulled all the information you'll need into this one handy article. Whether you want more information on recycling, changes you can make at home or you need guides for the office look below. 


Guides and Infographics to Help You On Your Journey

Around a month ago we published the print ready guides we had created. Use these in the office, on social media and share, share, share. They are downloadable and yours to use. You can find the guides here.



How Do I Recycle?

This is one complex solution and there isn't an easy answer but we give you some tips around what is and isn't recyclable. Read the guide. 


Adopting a Zero Waste Lifestyle

This is not an easy thing to do but we have some ideas for you here and also you have some great ideas for a Plastic Free Life


Which Bin Liner is for me?

Biobags have been really popular so you are lining your bin with cornstarch as opposed to plastic. But the question we get asked a lot is what size? Our handy guide is here to help. 


Behind the Ban on Plastic Bags

We uncover what this is all about and what it means to you plus what the supermarkets are doing. Read more


Eco Starter Boxes

We have been asked for kits to help you get started on your eco journey. So we now have some great starter kits perfect for you, or as a gift. We have various ones and they are also customisable so there are thousands of unique variations. Available now here


We'll continue to add useful information to this reference article so keep an eye on it. 


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