New Tender Jack

Aug 11, 2019by Julie - F&F

Tender Jack is here! Amazonia have found the juiciest, most delicious plant based alternative available. Ideal to add into all your favourite savoury dishes. Hand harvested from abundant food forests this tender treat is delicious and easy to cook.

Tender Jack is made from organically grown, sustainably sourced young, tender Jackfruit. Jackfruit is a large, tree-borne fruit, native to tropical Asia. It is has a spiky exterior with a white or yellow solid interior. Jackfruit can be enjoyed during different stages of its maturity, with different textures and flavours depending on the desired flavours and purpose. Young, green Jackfruit has a delicate texture and a subtle, light taste making it extremely versatile. Ripe jackfruit has a completely different flavour and has been described to taste like sweet, tangy mango or bubblegum.

Unlike some other plant-based meat alternatives available on the market, Jackfruit is a whole food made with minimal processing! The tender, young Jackfruit has a very subtle taste when plain. Making it perfect to add as a plant-based alternative into your favourite savoury dishes and cooking with a variety of herbs, spices, and sauces. Completely plant-based, Tender Jack is a source of fibre and adding in some extra vegetables and/or plant-based protein sources will add even more goodness into it making it a delicious, balanced meal! Perfect for when you feel like taking a night off meat, want to try something new and add a little flavour!

There are 4 delicious flavours to suit any mood, recipe or dish! Need something rich and saucy? Tender Jack Smokey BBQ is your answer. Feel like something spicy? Curry is your go-to. Need a little sweet and tangy in your life? The Teriyaki is guaranteed to tick all the boxes! Feeling creative and ready to take things into your own hands? Tender Jack Original is your match. You can find them online at Flora & Fauna along with the rest of the Amazonia range.  

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